Yonatan's Incredible Projects!




This 2D Rabbit has glued on eyes and a bushy tail. He found this idea on http://www.scoubiguide.co.uk/gallery.html. The original was created by Paolo Liotta. Check out this site for some additional really cool ideas!

In Europe, they use "scoubidous", which is shaped differently than our boondoggle. While ours is flat and narrow, the "scoubi" they use is round, like spaghetti pasta. Some is solid, while some has a hollow center. If you take a good look at some of the shots on their gallery page, you can see this. If you check out some of their "how to" pages for the basic stitches, you'll notice something else they do differently. Notice how they start their stitches by tieing them to something round, like a pen/pencil, crochet hook, knitting needle, etc. Try this with your boondoggle, if you think it would make starting your projects easier as well.

Does this project look familiar? It should. Yonatan got the idea for this one from Amber's original idea shown lower on the main Exchange page. He just wanted to make his bigger and fancier!

Click HERE for an even bigger picture of his Green & Yellow snake.

I'm always looking for new ideas on useful things to make out of boondoggle. This project Yonatan calls the Table, and guess what he uses it for? To hold his cell phone! Cool or what?!?

Notice how the legs of the table are actually bent down? I've heard of a technique where you can use the hollow center scoubi and some jewelry wire to make scoubis/doggles that you can bend into various shapes and the shape will actually maintain it's shape. I wonder if this is how he did it himself?

There's a huge group of people who have made various kinds of animals out of boondoggle or scoubidous, but this is one of the better ones that I've seen. You can click HERE or HERE to view very large versions of both images.

I think, after having viewed this page, that you'll agree with just how AWESOME Yonatan is. He could give me a run for my money! ;-) No, seriously, I've met my match. I've not done anything like these, nor will I probably ever be able to do, but I can say one thing. What ideas he's just given me! ;-)

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