The Brick Completion Stitch

      This completion stitch is used when you have six working strands, as in Brick and Twist. This is a slight variation of the Square Completion Stitch, in that we want to balance where the strands exit the project:

Start this Completion Stitch by doing one more project stitch, but leave it LOOSE. In this case, we're doing a loose Brick Stitch. Notice how we have TWO holes, one inside the GRAPE strands, and one inside the APPLE GREEN strands.
There are SIX strands to feed through holes in this variation. Feed THREE of them through one hole and THREE through the other. I like to start with one of the longer strands. Bring it AROUND the other long strand, then UP and THROUGH the hole nearest where it exited the stitch.
Moving in a clockwise direction, take the second strand AROUND the base of the strand next in line, then UP and THROUGH the OTHER hole. You should now have ONE strand exiting each hole.
Onward to the third strand, which goes AROUND its neighbor, then UP and THROUGH the SECOND hole, just as the previous strand did.
The fourth strand should be the other end of the long strand that you started this completion stitch with. It goes AROUND, UP, and THROUGH the SECOND hole as well, making it the THIRD and LAST strand which should exit this hole.
The fifth strand does the same AROUND, UP, and THROUGH maneuver, however it comes up through the FIRST hole we created. Things are beginning to look pretty messy now! hehe
Here's the last strand. Do the same 3-step maneuver and be sure it comes THROUGH the FIRST hole as well. There should now be THREE strands coming out of this hole, just as there are THREE coming from the other...
As we start to pull them tight, we can easily see the THREE strands exiting TWO holes...
...and when we finish, we have a nice, balanced, professional looking finish...
Oh, and don't forget to snip off the tails!

With smaller projects, try to not make the length of these strands LONGER than the project itself. Remember, it's the finished boondoggled project you want people to see, not a bunch of strands!

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