Cobra Bracelet
A Cobra Bracelet
Cobra Bracelet, 3 Colors (Neon Green, Black, & Red Shown)

      This is PART 2 of How to Create a Cobra Bracelet. Click HERE for Part 1...

After you've completed the King Cobra stitches, the base of the head is complete. Now for the detail...

Making the Clasp for the Tail

Turn the project OVER, so you're looking at the BOTTOM of the work...
Use one of the Push Pins, or some other long, skinny object, to pry loose the last black band of the head.
Insert the end of your starting strand under this band...
Do the same with the second strand...
Now use BOTH Push Pins to open up the front most stitches at the nose end of the head.
Insert the loose ends through the openings created by your Push Pins.
If needed, insert a strand under another band of the head, so the eyes will be aligned, as I've done with the green strand in this shot.
When completed, turn the head over to see how the strands have crossed to form an X on the bottom of the head. We'll be able to slip the tail under these strands to keep the bracelet in place later.

Making the Eyes of the Head

Now we're ready to make the eyes. Reposition the strands, so they appear where you want the eyes to be positioned, similar to this shot.
Starting with your starter strand, create a Granny Knot (the knot you start with when tieing your shoes) in this strand...
Use your fingers to push this knot down to the head as you tighten the knot. You want this knot to be tied right at the base of the head, as shown here.
Now do the same with the second strand...
...tightening the knot as close as possible to the base of the head.
Trim the two long strands about 1½ inches from the Granny Knot. (Remember to wait at least 12 hours for the boondoggle to train itself to stay in the shape of the knot, before you trim these ends closer).

Making the Tongue

For the tongue, only ONE of the central strands is needed. Turn the head over, so you're looking at the bottom, then snip off the LOWER central strand as close to the head as possible.
Trim the remaining central strand, allowing about an inch to exit the mouth.
Note the lower central strand is barely visible after being cut.
Using a diagonal cut, create a V cut in the center of the strand to complete the tongue.
After waiting at least 12 hours, the eyes can be trimmed closer to the head and the head is complete!

Making the Tail

Remember the end we started the project at? This becomes the tail of the Cobra. All that's needed here is to snip the loose ends.
Like this, leaving about an eigth of an inch. Nothing else is needed here.
The tail end can now be passed UNDER the two crossed strands that made the clasp on the underside of the head, as shown here.
Finally, it's ready to be worn! Awesome!
Cobra Bracelet
Completed Cobra Bracelet Project

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