Fancy Finished Tassels

Tassel Ends

      With most of the boondoggle projects you create, you'll have a series of loose ends, or tassels, hanging from the bottom of your project, similar to those shown above...

      As I mentioned earlier, in the completion stitch pages, you don't want these tassels to be very long, as it's the boondoggle stitches themselves you want to show off, not the loose ends. However, for a lot of projects, you will have these ends on your projects. We can do a bit of additional work to make these ends truly become tassels by sprucing up what they look like, as shown in the following examples. You may also be able to come up with some ideas of your own for making the tassels come alive...

Straight Edge     The easiest end is, in my opinion, also the most boring. You can carefully cut the tassel end directly across its width creating a straight edge to the tassel.


Short Diagonal     Here's one of my favorites, and it's pretty easy to do also. Simply cut each edge at a slight diagonal angle. Try cutting the angles all in the same direction, or cut one color in one direction, and the other end of the same color in the opposite direction.


Long Diagonal     This one is similar to the above, but takes a little more time, as you're having to cut along a longer section of the edge, and if you're not careful, you'll end up creating the short diagonal shown above.


Pointed Edge     This one also takes a bit of work, but looks really nice when completed. You cut this one similar to the short diagonal shown two above, however you make the diagonal cut end at the middle of the width, instead of all the way across. You then turn the strand over and create the other diagonal half-cut.


Fluted Edge     This is probably the hardest one to cut. It's the opposite of the above, where you start the cut at one corner of the end, cutting up into the center of the strand. Turn the strand over and cut from the other corner up into the center again to meet the first cut. This cut comes in handy when creating the Cobra Bracelet and/or Necklace, as it makes the loose end look like the cobra's tongue.


A bit overboard!     This last example is one where I went a bit overboard. Try not to overdo your fancy tassels, again for the reason that you want people to first notice the work you put into the actual boondoggle stitches. These fancy ends are just the whipped cream on top of the dessert! Hehe!

      Finally, you can use a combination of one or more of the above in one project. Some of the ends look better when used in tandem with their buddy. For instance, try using the pointed end with the fluted end, especially when you use one cut on one end and the opposite cut on the other strand of the same color. This gives the illusion that the two ends go together.

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