Fishy Zipper Pulls
A Square Zipper Pull
Fishy Pull, 2 Colors (Grey & Turquoise Shown)

Things You Will Need:
  • Two strands of boondoggle, each 4 feet long.
  • 1 Lanyard Hook.
  • Scissors
How to Create Above Fishy Pull:
Create a Starter Square Stitch...
Turn the Starter Square Stitch over, so you're looking at the "cross" side...
Do a Square Stitch to cover the "cross" side...
When tightened, you won't be able to tell the difference from this side...
And the bottom, but when the entire project is completed, BOTH tail ends of the fishy will have the checkerboard showing...
Do 7 additional Square Stitches, followed by 70 Circle Stitches, which will look like this when you finish.
Now comes the tough part. Bend the Circle Stitch end around, so it meets where your original Square Stitch turns into Circle Stitch and create a Square Stitch OVER the completed Square/Circle junction...
Which will look sort of like this when done...
Continue the Square Stitch another 7 times, so you have 8 Square Stitches in all. Pull the last Square Stitch really tight, then set the Fishy aside for at least 12 hours. Trim the strands as close as possible to the finished work.
Using something thin and blunt, like a push pin, stretch out one of your stitches about where the mouth of the fish would be, then insert a Lanyard Hook.
You may need to twist and/or pull the tail pieces a bit to get them in the right orientation, but when you're done, you'll have a completed Fishy Pull. Cool, huh?!?

Other Fishy Ideas:

  • Try the opposite of the above, where you use Circle Stitch for the tail, and Square Stitch for the body.

  • Try using the SAME stitch for the entire Fishy!

  • Try using FOUR COLORS for your Fishy. To do this, tie the ends of four different colored boondoggle into a half-granny knot (the knot you start with when tying your shoes). Be sure to leave between 1 and 1½ inches of strand coming out of the knot. After you complete 5 stitches, untie the knot, and do an additional 3 stitches from the knotted end. Trim the excess ends at the same time you trim the final ends, AFTER you let it sit at least 12 hours.

  • Try attaching the Lanyard Hook to the TOP of the Fishy, where it's top fin would normally be found.

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