Pulls Versus Chains

      The first four projects are titled "Pulls", which is followed by a fifth project titled "Other Key Chains". I need to clarify what the difference between the two is.

A Twist Zipper Pull

      A zipper pull is basically identical to a key chain in all respects, except for two:

  • The Length
  • The Connector

      A Zipper Pull is generally used as an attachment to a person's zipper tab, that small metal tab you open and close your zipper with. Most of these tabs have a hole in them, which comes in handy for attaching a zipper pull, however you don't want the finished project to be very long in these cases.

Coat Zipper

      Zipper Pulls are generally no longer than 1 or 1½ inches long. Key Chains, on the other hand, can and should be a bit longer. Why? Well, you want a key chain to be long enough so that the person using it for their keys has something long enough to grab onto, when the keys are in a purse or pocket. Key Chains are about 3 to 4 inches in length, almost three times longer than a Zipper Pull.

      The other main difference is in the metal connector, or hardware, that you'll add to your project after completion. For Zipper Pulls, you'll almost always use a lanyard hook, while key chains can use lanyard hooks or split rings, depending on the WIDTH of your completed project. Key chains created using a simpler stitch, like square or circle can use lanyard hooks, while you'll most probably want to use a split ring on larger projects like Corkscrew or Cross.
A Lanyard Hook
A Lanyard Hook
  A Split Ring
A Split Ring

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