Creating a Rocket Ship

      The Rocket Ship can be made in many different ways. I'll show you one way here, while there's a picture of a slightly different looking Rocket Ship on the "What Is It" page. Instructions for this alternate Rocket are located at the bottom of this page. This project makes use of many different stitches. You should know how to do ALL of the following BEFORE starting this project: Square, Brick, SuperBrick, Wall (which is created just like SuperBrick), and Twist. To create the smaller version Rocket that will be shown here, you'll need six strands of boondoggle: one that is 4 feet long, and five that are 2 feet long. Add a foot to both measurements if you'd like to make a slightly larger version, like that shown on the "What Is It" page. The Rocket shown here measures two and a half inches long, from tip to lowest end of engines; three and a half inches long if you include the tassels that make the fire.

As stated above, this project USES six strands of boondoggle; however, you START the project with only two strands. Start with your long strand (4-5 feet long) and one of your short strands (2-3 feet long). I'll start with a white strand (my long one) and a black strand (one of my five short ones).
After Finding the Centers, we need to start a Square Stitch...
...which should look similar to this. The Square will become the top of our rocket; it's tip...
Continue to do FOUR more Square Stitches, so you have FIVE stitches total, as shown here.
Now we're ready to insert another strand. Take another of your short (2-3 foot long) strands and find the center of this strand. I'll be using a Red strand here.
I want to INSERT this new (Red) strand IN BETWEEN the two Black strands, so I lie the red strand's center right over the finished Square Stitch. I show it on an angle, but only for visual clarity. It will actually be used BETWEEN the two Black strands.
We'll now expand the Square stitch into a Brick stitch. Create two loops with your White strands right over the Black and Red strands...
After weaving the four loose strands, first starting with one of the Black strands, then a Red strand, the other Red strand, and completing with the remaining Black strand. You should now note the Red strands are sitting IN BETWEEN the two Black strands...
You should now pull this new Brick stitch tight. Don't worry if it looks like the stitch wants to bend it's way around the Square stitch you created earlier. The following steps will straighten it out. In fact, if you DON'T pull the stitch tight, when you complete the next step, you'll see some fat White loops on the side of your Rocket that don't look quite right, so PULL IT TIGHT! ;-)
Continue doing FOUR additional Brick stitches, so your project looks like this. Count the number of Red loops you see on ONE side of your Rocket to determine how many stitches you've done. You should have FIVE small loop bumps in between the two Black columns.
We're now ready to insert our 4th strand (the 3rd short strand). Find it's center before continuing. I'm using Neon Yellow for this strand. We'll now expand the Brick stitch into the SuperBrick stitch.
Take the CENTER of the new strand (Neon Yellow shown here) and place it ON TOP OF your completed Brick stitch, so it lies BETWEEN your two Red strands (the third strand you used), as shown here. Make your two loops out of the White strands and weave the strands through.
Weave Black, Red, Neon Yellow, Neon Yellow, Red, and then Black to complete the first SuperBrick stitch. Remember to pull this first stitch TIGHT. It will also look a bit odd from the top view as well, as it won't seem to be as straight a rectangle as other SuperBrick stitches you may have done. Don't worry; be happy!
Now that you've got a SuperBrick stitch started, continue on and do FOUR MORE SuperBrick stitches. When you complete it, your Rocket should begin to really take shape, as shown here.
This should be getting somewhat easy by now. ;-) Ready your 4th short strand now by finding it's center. I'll be using a Glow-in-the-Dark Blue strand in my design. (Also, note how clean our SuperBrick stitch looks right now. See, I told you to be happy!)
Just as before, take this new strand's CENTER and lie it right on top of your existing SuperBrick stitch BETWEEN the last color you were using (the Neon Yellow in my example). You'll now expand the SuperBrick into a 4-Color Wall stitch. Any SuperBrick stitch created using MORE THAN THREE colors we like to call WALL. You start Wall the same way you do SuperBrick, only with some additional strands...
Make your loops out of the White strands and then weave your short strands through it. Remember to pull this new Wall stitch TIGHT, which will really look ugly! ;-)
QUIZ TIME! hehe. How many 4-Color Wall stitches do you think I'm going to ask you to do right now?!? Not sure? Count the Glow-Blue bumps you see in this shot. That's right, FOUR MORE, so you'll have FIVE stitches total!
Wow, we're moving right along, aren't we?!? There's only ONE STRAND LEFT! Mine is a Kelly Green strand. After finding it's center...
...I'll lie it right on top of the 4-Color Wall, BETWEEN the two Glow-Blue strands, and get ready to further expand this 4-Color Wall into a 5-Color Wall.
After making my loops and weaving all the short strands, I tighten the stitch to create a real monster!
Just to keep this easy, let's stick with a number you already know: FOUR! After starting the 5-Color Wall, do FOUR MORE stitches of 5-Color Wall, so you have FIVE stitches total, as shown here.
I want to give the Rocket a bit more base, before working on the engines, so once you've completed the FIVE 5-Color Walls in the previous step, do FIVE MORE 5-Color Wall stitches, so you'll have TEN when you're done! You can see that our rocket is all but complete. All it needs now are some engines!
If I hold the project this way, you can see how I'm splitting the strands into TWO groups of SIX strands. Each engine will be created using the Twist stitch, which needs SIX strands.
By holding the LOWER set of six strands under my fingers, they won't get in the way of starting the first Twist stitch. I'm going to use the lowermost strand of this TOP group (the Kelly Green strand) as the opposite strand to the White strand. In other words, I'm going to treat this strand as if it was one of the LONG strands, just as the White strand is.
Since the Twist stitch is the cousin to the Circle stitch, we'll need to make our two loops CROSS OVER the center of the underlying stitch (the 5-Color Wall). Note I'm using the White and Kelly Green strands to create two diagonal loops.
The four remaining strands must also CROSS DIAGONALLY while we weave them. Here, I've completed weaving the first two strands, starting with the Red strand which crosses over to the Black side, and then weave the Black strand, which crosses over to the Red side.
After weaving the remaining two strands; starting with the Glow-Blue, which crosses over to the Neon Yellow side, then the Neon Yellow strand, which crosses over to the Glow-Blue side. Remember, if the stitch falls apart on you, then you forgot to cross over somewhere.
After we pull the strands tight, we can see our first completed Twist stitch.
Turning the project around gets it ready to start the second engine (or the second Twist stitch). Notice that I'm holding the stitches from the first Twist stitch out of the way, so I can more easily work with the 2nd set of six strands. Just as before, I'll be using the Kelly Green strand as one of the long strands, along with the other White strand.
Start by creating two diagonal loops out of the White and Kelly Green strands. This is identical to what we just did above...
...Start weaving the four remaining strands. I start with the Red strand, which crosses over to the Black side, and then take the Black and cross over to the Red side. (This wording reminds me of Star Wars! hehe)
Finish off the stitch by taking the Glow-Blue and crossing over to the Neon Yellow side, then the Neon Yellow crossing over to the Glow-Blue side.
Double check that all your strands are interlocked with each other and then pull the stitch tight! We now have TWO Twist stitches, created out of ONE 5-Color Wall! Wow! Cool, huh?!?
Now, pick your weapon! Errr, pick your side. Choose one engine to work on and do TEN MORE Twist stitches. Here's mine after engine one is down.
Switch to the other side and do TEN MORE stitches to this side as well. Here's mine when both engines are done. You may find it easier to do ONE STITCH ON EACH SIDE, versus doing it my way, as doing the second side after the first side makes for some tight working quarters.
You now need to do a Completion Stitch on each side to finish the engines. I snipped off my tassels at about ¾ of an inch. The tassels act as the flames coming out of the engines, so you want them a bit longer than usual.
A Rocket Ship
A Rocket Ship, properly completed!

Another Rocket Pull Another Rocketship

This alternate Rocket was created using one 5-foot strand and five 3½-foot strands.

The number of stitches also differs: 5 Squares, 5 Bricks, and then one additional stitch for each new stitch, so 6 SuperBricks, then 7 of the 4-Color Walls, and then 8 of the 5-Color Walls.

The engines are also a bit longer, using 15 additional stitches, instead of 10 as used above. This allows for a bit of reveal of the initial band of color at the bottom of each engine.

The tassels were still cut to ¾ of an inch, just as above.

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