Starter Fluted Columns Stitch

      The Fluted Columns Stitch, and it's cousin Fluted Twist (or Spiral), are probably the most complex Boondoggle Stitches you can do. Although complex, they aren't that hard, if you take your time. These stitches are actually 3 stitches in one. Fluted Columns is a SuperBrick stitch, with two Square Stitches along for the ride.

      To get started, you're going to need SIX (6) strands of boondoggle, 4 of which are at least 3 feet long, and 2 which are at least 5 feet long. The longer strands should ALWAYS be 2 feet longer than your shorter strands to insure you don't run out of these strands before you run out of the shorter strands.

      Set aside two of the shorter strands, and use one of the longer strands as the center strand of three that will cross the first long strand when starting the SuperBrick Stitch. The first step to starting a Fluted Columns is to start a SuperBrick Stitch.

Here's the SuperBrick started. The purple strand, between the yellow and green, is the second long strand of boondoggle. The black one also shown here is the first long strand.
Now do another stitch of SuperBrick, but leave this stitch loose...
...hold the stitch on the outside and grab one of the loose purple strands, as shown (I'm holding the end on the left of the photo).
Now push the purple strand back through the stitch to create a loop on the right side of the stitch.
Move the other two strands on the right side of the stitch (the yellow and green strands) out of your way... pushing them down towards the bottom of the stitch.
Hold them out of your way with your left hand, so all you'll see is the purple loop and purple strand on the right side of the stitch, as shown here.
Hold one of the two remaining short strands at it's center...
...and place the center of this strand (the red one in this photo) below the purple strands.
Take the red strand on the side with the single purple end (NOT the side with the purple loop) and go over the single purple end, then under (or through) the purple loop... this.
Now take the other end of the red strand, go over the purple loop, then under the single purple strand, just as you see here.
Which should end up like this...
...and after you pull the purple loop a bit tighter, you can see that you've created a Square Stitch to the right of the SuperBrick Stitch!
Now hold the other side of the stitch on the outside, so you can grab the other purple strand (the loose end on the side you just created the Square Stitch on)...
...push this purple end to the left to create a loop on the other side of the SuperBrick stitch, then move the green and yellow strands on this side out of your way.
Place the center of your last short strand of boondoggle under the purple strands on the left of the SuperBrick.
Once again, start by taking the end of this new strand (blue here) that's on the side of the single purple strand (NOT the side with the purple loop) and take it over the single purple strand, then under or through the purple loop...
...while the other end goes over the purple loop, then under the single purple strand. Can you see why we always start on the side with the single purple strand? If we didn't, the Square Stitch we are trying to make here would fall apart on us...
...and here's our 2nd Square Stitch.
I like to call this "the mess", as it DOES look like a monstrous goo of strands, but if you look at it closely, you can see how each and every strand is in the right place, so that when we tighten the stitch up, no portions of the stitch will fall apart.
After we've pulled this first stitch tight, it looks somewhat like a plus sign. When pulling the stitch tight, start by pulling the yellow, purple, and green strands away from each other, then switch to pulling the blue, black, and red strands away from each other. Do this several times using short pulls to make sure your finished stitch looks similar to the one shown here!

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