Starting Tips to Remember

      Remember the following tips while working on projects. They will save you time and energy in the long run, not to mention they're awesome!

  • Get yourself a RULER or TAPE MEASURE and USE IT ALWAYS! If it says a project needs 2 feet of one color and 3 feet of another color, guess what, THAT'S EXACTLY how much is needed. If you simply take a strand of boondoggle of any length, you'll either RUN OUT and not be able to successfully complete a project, or else you'll have GOBS LEFT OVER, which will only go to WASTE!

  • Learn how to FIND THE CENTER of a strand of Boondoggle.

  • You do NOT have to pull your stitches EXTREMELY tight. I happen to myself, but that's only because I'm a grown man. The tip to remember is to maintain the same level of pull to each of your stitches. If some of your stitches are loose and others tight, you'll notice your projects have an odd look to them, where some of the project appears "fat", while other portions appear "thin"...

  • If you have to stop working on a project before it is completed, use a paper clip to keep the ends of your boondoggle in place, right after the last stitch you completed. Place the project somewhere where you can allow the ends of the boondoggle that you have not yet used to dangle or lie flat. Try NOT to simply crumple the whole project up and stuff it in your pocket. Doing this will cause the strands to become hard to work with.

  • If you can, work outside in the sunlight. The sun can make working with the strands easier, as the heat makes the boondoggle more pliable (squishy), which makes threading the ends into their loops all the more easy. You'll notice that as the day wears on and evening sets in, the strands begin to get harder to work with.

  • When you complete a project, finish it off properly using the completion stitch. You can then trim the project to allow 1 to 1½ inches of tassel. If you'd like to complete the project without tassels, pull your last stitch EXTREMELY tight, then put it away for 12-24 hours before you trim off the leftover strands. Doing this will "train" the boondoggle to hold its shape, and you can then trim the excess very close to your work WITHOUT the need to use GLUE or FLAME to make it stay together. Provided you won't be giving this to a small child (baby), it should stay together forever!

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