Triangle Completion Stitch

      This is a slightly longer page, as I'm covering TWO completion stitches. If you started your Triangle Stitch by knotting together three strands of boondoggle, then continue reading to see how to clean up the knotted end, but if you've just completed a bunch of Triangle and have some short tassel ends left, click HERE to jump to where you need to start...

After you've completed 5 or 6 Triangle Stitches, turn the project around, so you're looking at the Granny Knot you started with...
...untie the knot by pushing the loose ends into the knot...
...and then pull the strands straight, as they'll have begun taking on the shape of the knot.
Notice that this end looks the same as our working end. Working from this end, do TWO additional Triangle Stitches to hide the bends and twists created from the Granny Knot...
...then do one more stitch, but leave it loose.
Take one strand and go UNDER the strand next to it. (Here, I'm taking the BLUE strand UNDER the RED one).
Go up into the stitch and exit through the small hole in the center of the stitch. (The BLUE went UNDER and AROUND the RED, then UP, UNDER the GREEN to exit through the center hole). Now start with the next strand...
(Here I've taken the RED strand AROUND and UNDER the BLUE to exit through the center.)
Complete the process with the third strand. (Taking the GREEN strand AROUND the BLUE and UNDER the RED to exit through the center).
When complete, all three strands should be exiting the center hole. Pull them all tight...
...and you're ready to snip off the excess.
Now doesn't this look much better than the ugly Granny knot?!?
There's the completed BEGINNING... Continue reading for another run through the Completion Stitch used when you've finished doing numerous Triangle Stitches. It's the same stitch, but different photographic shots, which may prove useful in figuring out how to complete the stitch.

After you've completed as much Triangle Stitch as you'd like, it's time to give it a Proper Completion. To start, do one more Triangle Stitch, but leave it loose...
Take one working strand around the strand next to it, so that you can come UP through the center hole. (In this instance, I'm taking the GREEN strand AROUND the BLUE strand, then UP, UNDER the GREEN strand to exit through the center hole).
Go on to the second strand and do the same maneuver. (I'm taking the RED strand AROUND the GREEN strand, then UP, UNDER the RED strand to exit through the center hole).
After completing the third strand... (Where the BLUE strand went AROUND the RED, then UP and UNDER the BLUE strand to exit through the same center hole). Note that ALL THREE strands exit from this central hole.
Now, grab this loose knot close to the base of the completed stitches...
...and pull the strands with your other hand, using your first hand to push the completion knot as close as possible to the completed stitches. You may need to pull strands individually as well.
Once we're all tight, it's looking good.
Snip off your ends. If the other end of the project also ends in a Completion Stitch, try and make sure you snip the ends to about the same length as those on your starting end.
And there you have it. The Triangle Stitch!

With smaller projects, try to not make the length of these strands LONGER than the project itself. Remember, it's the finished boondoggled project you want people to see, not a bunch of strands!

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