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Your site is great!! Do you know when you will have posted directions for your Chain-Link Keychains? I am making a bunch of keychains for a fundraiser for our local Elementary school, and I would love to be able to make some of the Chain-Link ones.

All of your directions were really great, but I am having problems getting my completion stitches to work. Any suggestions besides what's on the site? All of the other stitches I seem to be able to do with ease, but the completion stitches just don't seem to look right.

Thanks so much for your time, and for your great web-site.


Greetings from Central NY!

I have to say I'm impressed with your website! I picked up a pack of craft lace (boondoogle) on a whim during my last trip to the craft store. I have fond memories of the craft during church camp the two summers I attended. I'm even wearing a necklace I made in my 4th grade school pictures! At any rate, the free pattern I received wasn't very easy to read so I figured I would be able to find better patterns on the Internet.

To make a long story short, your web site was the first I found that actually knew what boondoogle was!! The instructions and pictures are very clear and easy to follow. I've yet to start my first project but it will come back to me easily. I'm taking a group of junior high girls to a retreat in NJ in June and I'd like to keep this busy on the van ride!!

God bless you!



Thank you for creating your site. I followed a link from a post on rec.crafts.knot to seamless bracelet page on your site. Neat! (I'm mostly a paperfolder, but I read about other crafts. Never know when something will transfer.)

I've seen boondoggle lanyards, years ago. Had a vague idea of how the square knot worked. Seen similar crafting with stripped telephone wire bracelets.

You should be able to do Chinese Knotting with boondoggle. I would think their "double-layer" knots would be a natural for boondoggle.


Kenneth Kawamura
Lansing, Michigan, USA

Hello! First of all I'd like to tell you that you've got a great site up! Thanks for all the information... I used to make keychains and all like this when I was a kid, and I decided to get back into it and your site was a BIG help! I had a quick question regarding the corkscrew stitch. I noticed that, like in the tornado stitch, when it's completed the colors spiral upwards right? But when I try to make a full length keychain by using the corkscrew stitch, it starts spiraling in one direction and then it spirals back in the other direction, creating more of a really crooked superbrick kind of thing. I keep undo-ing all of it up until it starts spiraling in the other direction and i do it the same way each time and still it comes out like that! Is it supposed to do that? Anyways, thanks a lot!

Lisa Marie

Hi, my name is Niki and I love making friendship bracelets of all kinds, when I came across your page, I was thinking "Finally!" There aren't any resources out there for plastic lace. I was just wondering when you were going to finish putting the rest of the stitches on the site (pentagon, zipper stitch etc.) It would be great if you could. And also if you reccommend any good books I could get ahold of, thanks!

Niki M.


I've stopped by your boondoggleman website numerous times for reference on how to do some lanyard projects. It's such an awesome site! However I'm just wondering are you going to update the site anytime soon? I'm want to know how to make them Heart Pulls you've listed on the coming soon list...awesome site!


David, you have an awesome web site! Some 40 plus years ago, as a camper, I used to love to make lanyards. I now do a lot of sports officiating, and I want to make myself a cool lanyard. I want to make it red, white, and blue, and I want to put some fancy stitching in it. Exactly what, I don't know.

Questions: Can you recommend a book to buy that specifically shows how to make a cool lanyard from start to finish?

I don't see in your web site how one transitions from one stitch to another. For example, if I wanted a twisted brick combo at the end of the lanyard, extending a couple of inches, and then transitioning into a circle stitch or diamond braid, where do I go to find out how to do it?

How do I know how much lace to buy for a standard length but ornate lanyard?

One I complete the lanyard length, how do I tie it all together to complete the lanyard loop so it hangs from my neck?

[Sent from Lon]

Thank you so much for your thorough and comprehensive website! Your explanations are so easy to follow and your pictures are very helpful. My two kids are doing it. I'm even doing it! We're having a blast! The kids are so proud. And we're doing stuff we've only just seen in passing. And all those wonderful colors!

One thing I've seen recently is a multi-colored rainbow that looks like a superbrick, but it dips in the middle and then seems to come back up. I haven't seen the finished product, only the first "dip." Do you have any insight on such a project? I'd like to do something like that.

Thanx again.

Amy Buchsbaum
Atlanta, GA

Dear Mr. Weeks,

I want to thank you so much for making this wonderful site. My best friend and I were looking every where on how to do our boondoggling, and your site popped up last, and it turned out to be more helpful then anything that I have ever read. I am even happier now that I got the chance to write you a letter of appreciation towards your site. I want you to know that I have sent this site to all of my friends, and I am so thankful that you actually took time out of your ever so busy schedule to make this site for craft hungry children across the world.


[This last one is from 'PapaSmurf326', and was a series of emails I received over a 9-day period!]

hi i like your website it gives me a lot of info when i needed to know how to do it.

im just wondering if you could ever put how to make a chain-link keychain, like the steps and stuff for that. Because i think it looks really cool. cya!

i found a mistake it was on the superbrick where it tells you what you need. it says u need 6 feet of 4 strands but on the steps it says 4 strands but 1 1/2 the size bigger than the other one be sure to fix that

Can you PLEASE finish your creative chainlink key-chain??? That looks so awesome.

hey, i really need to know how to do that chain link key chain! can you immediately put that on your website w/ pictures cuz I cant do them without pictures.

MAN why dont you ever check your email, you ARE a computer teacher, i think.

man u havent been to this site in a year do you still work on this site??

      When I started this website two years ago, it was mainly for the kids I worked with at camp and in my neighborhoods. Having it act as an additional resource for anyone else was known, but not really anticipated. These days, one out of every 8 to 10 email messages I receive has to do with boondoggling and/or this site specifically. I've spent more time responding to some of these emails than I have working on this site! ;-)

      Many of the more specific questions mentioned above were answered directly, some with very long responses. Many, MANY of the emails I received all asked the same question: WHEN DO I PLAN TO UPDATE THE SITE. This site has always been a SUMMER project for me, as that's when I happen to do the majority of MY boondoggling, so be prepared for some NEW stuff coming VERY soon!

      A couple of the projects have been requested A LOT lately. I'll be tackling and presenting them in this order: Chain-Link, Heart Pulls, and Rocket-Ship.

      I also receive many questions where people describe things they've seen and want to know if I know how to do that. The answer, in 9 out of 10 cases, is YES! ;-) What you see presented here (both in finished and in coming soon fashion) is roughly HALF of what I currently know how to do. The "Coming Soon" sections were placed for two reasons: 1. Completeness - as on the Stitches pages, and 2. Enticement - as I want to really energize you into exploring what you can do with this stuff!

      Finally, and this is one that I never really thought of, it's amazing how many emails I receive from TRUE crafters. By this, I mean not people who SOLELY work with boondoggle, but with other mediums, like leather tassels, hemp, floss, etc. I've received lots of emails asking if I thought the such-and-such stitch could be done using hemp, floss, etc. In most circumstances, the answer is YES. While there ARE certain stitches that lend themselves more to boondoggle, because of it's flatness, size, etc., there's no reason to believe that they couldn't be created using other mediums. Once last year, I was closely watching a group of 3rd grade girls at camp who had started their own friendship bracelet company. As I watched HOW they created the stitches, I was surprised to see that they were using the Chinese Staircase, Spiral and Twist Braids, and other BOONDOGGLE stitches to make their bracelets. I've stated it numerous times throughout this site and I'll end this page with the same: You never know what is possible until you try! Go for it! ;-)

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