Who Is The Boondoggle Man?!?

     My real name is David Michael Weeks. When I'm not The Boondoggle Man, I'm a Computer Teacher of students Kindergarten thru 12th grade at The Park School of Buffalo.

     I first started boondoggling when I was a Cub Scout. I first started teaching boondoggle while I was a Life Scout. This was at Camp Scouthaven, in Freedom, NY. While working on my Eagle Scout, I had a chance to start working with boondoggle with kids in my neighborhood. I stopped using it while I was in college, but the summer after I got my first teaching job, I was reintroduced to it while working for their summer camp program.

     These days, I boondoggle most often during the summer months, while working with the campers at The Park School's Summer Day Camp program, where I also run their Computer program. If you're ever in the Buffalo, NY area during the summer months, feel free to stop by some time!

Dave at 1-year old!
Me, at 1-year old!

Dave in 2000!
Me, at Park in 2000!

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