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Privacy Policy

This website was created to offer aid, ideas, and insight into crafting with boondoggle (gimp/scoubidous/lanyard), as I was unable to find ANY such websites available on the Internet.

As a teacher of elementary to upper-school aged children, it’s oftentimes hard to find websites of an appropriate nature for parents to allow their children to frequently visit. It was for this reason that I have taken the following steps to help protect the privacy of the visitors to this website:

This website is now officially certified through ICCS, the International Content Certification Standard, a service provided by UFCWS, The United Federation of ChildSafe Web Sites. In addition, this website is also a member of the iWatchDog program.

This website is officially labeled through ICRA, formally RSACi. The Internet Content Rating Association is an independent, non-profit organization whose aim is to protect children from potentially harmful material. Parents NOT using AOL can set up Content Advisory controls using Internet Explorer. Please visit the ICRA Web Site for more information.

It is also labeled through the Safe Surf Internet Rating System.

This website is listed in multiple online search engines, including Surf Safely, which lists PICS- labeled sites. Please visit the Surf Safely website for more information.

This website is now available using ALL of AOL (America OnLine)’s Parental Control Groups, INCLUDING their coveted Kids Only group, as well as their General Access, Young Teens, and Mature Teens Parental Control groups.

It is possible for children and adults to send me email pertaining to boondoggle. In these instances, questions will be answered, problems will be solved, and the original email message will be DELETED from this server. No email addresses are kept on record, or added to address books on this server.

When completed, the idea exchange will contain written messages sent in by interested users. Messages written by children will be signed using their FIRST NAMES only. No Last Names will be shown on this site for anyone under the age of 18.

The Boondoggle Man does NOT, and WILL NOT, be able to enter into an online chat with ANY individual who uses his site, although he WILL answer ALL emails sent.