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How do you properly finish a Boondoggle project

The Completion Stitch

When you near completion of a project, you want to finish it off properly. This is where the Completion Stitch comes in. This stitch, or a variation OF this stitch can be performed on almost any boondoggle project you may be doing:

Start the Completion Stitch by doing one more project stitch, but leave it LOOSE. In this case, we’re doing a loose Square Stitch…

Take any one strand and take it AROUND the strand to its left, then UP through the MIDDLE of the stitch. This is why you left the stitch LOOSE in the step above.

Now take the strand the first strand went around and take IT around the strand to its left, then UP through the MIDDLE as well.

Continue for the third…

…and the last strand. Be careful with this one, as it can be hard to tell which strand you need to go around.

At this point, if you did everything correctly, you should note that ALL STRANDS come up out of the CENTER of the loose stitch you started with…

Slowly pull on these strands to close the gaps left in this Completion Stitch. Sometimes it helps to use one hand to push down on the stitch, while pulling the strands with the other hand.

When completed, you’ll notice it has a kind of rounded effect to the end of the stitch. What remains are leftover strands of various lengths…

…which is where your scissors come in. Snip off the strands to a suitable length.

With smaller projects, try to not make the length of these strands LONGER than the project itself. Remember, it’s the finished boondoggled project you want people to see, not a bunch of strands!

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