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So, What IS Boondoggle?!?

Boondoggle is a simple, extruded plastic lace, many people refer to as gimp! Gimp, a flat plastic lace made of flexible PVC, is a staple for the craft industry.

It’s also known as craftstrip, craftlace, gimp, lanyard, or plastic lacing. Why, in France, it’s called Scooby-doo!

It’s made of a plastic composite that has a bit of elasticity to it

If you pull on it hard enough, it WILL break.


By taking a piece or two of this product, you can weave, braid, or otherwise knot it to create a VAST variety of interesting projects.





There are numerous trademarked names for this product. The best known of which is probably RexLace, made by the Pepperell Braiding Company. Another is CraftLace, made by Toner Plastics.

This website assumes you’ll be using Pepperell’s RexLace product for your boondoggling!