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50 Colors That Go With Red (Red Color Palettes)

50 Colors That Go With Red

Red is a powerful, energetic color that can be paired with a wide variety of hues to create striking color combinations. This article explores 50 complementary colors that look fantastic with red, along with color palette examples for interior design, fashion, and more.

What is Red?

Red is a primary color located at the end of the visible color spectrum. It has the longest wavelength and highest frequency of visible light. Red has vivid emotional associations and symbolism across cultures.

In the RYB color model, red is one of the three primary colors along with yellow and blue. In the RGB model, red light has wavelengths approximately between 620-780 nm. The hex code for pure red is #FF0000.

Meaning and Symbolism of Red

Here are some of the common symbolic meanings and impressions associated with the color red:

  • Passion – Red conveys desire, love, and romance. It is the color of Valentines and hearts.
  • Excitement – Vibrant red expresses energy, speed, action, and adventure. It catches attention.
  • Power – Red can represent leadership, confidence, strength, courage, and dominance.
  • Danger – Red can also signal warnings, caution, and emergency due to its heightened intensity.
  • Anger – Culturally, red expresses rage, fury, and aggression when someone “sees red.”
  • Heat – Red evokes sensations of warmth due to its association with fire and blood.

Shades of Red

There are many shades of red spanning cool berry hues to warm tomato tones. Here are some common shades of red:

Color Name Hex Code Sample
Cerise #DE3163
Crimson #DC143C
Ruby #E0115F
Scarlet #FF2400
Carnelian #B31B1B
Red #FF0000
Fire Engine Red #CE2029
Cardinal #C41E3A
Maroon #800000
Burgundy #800020

Complementary Colors of Red

Complementary colors sit opposite each other on the color wheel, creating high contrast. The complementary color for red (#FF0000) is green (#00FF00).

Green (#00FF00)

Vibrant green accentuates and illuminates red’s bold, lively essence. Kelly green (#4AC925), forest green (#228B22) , and lime green (#32CD32) make red tones pop. Mint green (#98FF98) and sage green (#808000) also complement red nicely.

Incorporate green throughout red interiors and fashion. Try a bright red sofa with green and red throw pillows. Or pair red pants with a kelly green top and emerald jewelry for eye-catching style. Mix and match shades of green and red.

Complementary Colors of Red

Analogous Colors of Red

Analogous colors sit next to each other on the color wheel, creating harmonious combinations. Analogous colors for red (#FF0000) include:

Orange (#FFA500)

Orange brings out the cheer and warmth in red, giving it vibrancy. Coral (#FF7F50), peach (#FFE5B4), and terra cotta (#C35A3C) orange work well with red. Avoid neon orange (#FF5F1F), which can look garish.

Use orange tones sparingly against red backdrops for lively impact. Try a peach rug in a modern red and grey room. Style a red dress with burnt orange heels and jewelry for flair.

Violet (#EE82EE)

Violet injects red with a sense of refinement and intrigue. Soft lavender (#B57EDC), lilac (#C8A2C8), and mauve (#E0B0FF) complement red’s passion. Avoid deeper eggplant purple (#4F2F4F), which can overwhelm.

Incorporate pale violet accents throughout red interiors and fashion. Add lilac pillows to a crimson sofa. Style a red top with a pastel purple skirt and heels.

Pink (#FFC0CB)

Pink brings out red’s feminine, romantic side. Pastel pink (#FFD1DC), blush pink (#FFE4E1), and bashful pink (#FFB6C1) work best with red. Neon pinks (#FF00FF) may be too bold.

Use pink sparingly against red backdrops for impact. Try pale pink wall art and rug in a modern red room. Pair a red dress with soft pink shoes and bag for a pretty look.

Analogous Colors of Red

Triadic Colors of Red

Triadic schemes use three colors equally spaced on the wheel for vibrant effects. The triadic colors for red (#FF0000) are yellow (#FFFF00) and blue (#0000FF).

Yellow (#FFFF00)

Yellow injects brightness and visibility into red’s bold nature. Mustard (#FFDB58), gold (#FFD700), and lemon yellow (#FFF44F) complement red well. Avoid neon yellow (#FFFF00), which can overwhelm.

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Use warm yellow accents throughout red interiors and fashion for cheer. Add a mustard throw blanket to a red couch. Style tomato red pants with a soft goldenrod top.

Blue (#0000FF)

Blue has a cooling effect on red’s inherent warmth. Royal blue (#4169E1), navy blue (#000080), and turquoise (#40E0D0) work best with red. Light sky blue (#87CEEB) can look too soft.

Incorporate blue carefully into red spaces and outfits for balance. Try a navy blue accent wall with red art. Or pair a red dress with deep royal blue heels.

Triadic Colors of Red

What Colors That Go With Red?

Red is extremely versatile and pairs beautifully with many colors. Here are 50 stunning color combinations featuring red:

Bright Red Color Palettes

Vivid reds pop when matched with equally intense hues like oranges, hot pinks, and violets. These combos are bold, lively, and dynamic.

1. Red + Orange + Hot Pink

Red + Orange + Hot Pink

Hex Codes: #FF0000, #FFA500, #FF69B4

This primary triad combo of pure red, vibrant orange, and electric hot pink is ultra vibrant. Use it to create high-energy spaces.

2. Scarlet + Peach + Raspberry

Scarlet + Peach + Raspberry

Hex Codes: #FF2400, #FFE5B4, #E30B5C

Scarlet red with tropical peach and sweet raspberry pink is playful. Use in children’s spaces, game rooms, and whimsical decor.

3. Fire Engine Red + Lemon + Violet

Fire Engine Red + Lemon + Violet

Hex Codes: #CE2029, #FFFF00, #8F00FF

Pair bold fire engine red with zesty lemon yellow and jewel-toned violet for an energetic, youthful combo. Great for modern eclectic rooms.

4. Cherry Red + Tangerine + Fuchsia

Cherry Red + Tangerine + Fuchsia

Hex Codes: #C41E3A, #FF9505, #FF00FF

Cherry red plus tropical tangerine orange and playful fuchsia creates a tasty, fruit-inspired palette. Use in kitchens, rec rooms, or dining spaces.

Earthy Red Color Combinations

Reddish earth tones like brick, rust, and terra-cotta pair beautifully with neutrals like brown, beige, gray, and black. These combos are grounded and natural.

5. Brick Red + Sand + Espresso

Brick Red + Sand + Espresso

Hex Codes: #B22222, #EDC9AF, #4E342E

Classic brick red with warm sand and dark espresso brown is an elegant, Tuscan-inspired color scheme. Use in formal living rooms and dining rooms.

6. Rust + Khaki + Charcoal

Rust + Khaki + Charcoal

Hex Codes: #B7410E, #C3B091, #555555

Pair reddish burnt rust with versatile khaki and heathered charcoal for an outdoorsy, casual palette. Great for porches, patios, and rustic spaces.

7. Terracotta + Beige + Slate

Terracotta + Beige + Slate

Hex Codes: #E2725B, #FFFAF0, #708090

Mix orange-red terracotta with creamy beige and cool slate gray for a soothing, natural color scheme. Use in bedrooms, offices, and living rooms.

8. Oxblood + Taupe + Black

Oxblood + Taupe + Black

Hex Codes: #4A0012, #655D4E, #000000

Sophisticated oxblood burgundy with muted taupe and classic black makes a luxe, moody palette. Ideal for elegant dining rooms and formal spaces.

Pink Red Color Palettes

Pretty pink-tinged reds pair beautifully with light neutrals, pastels, and feminine accents. These combos have a soft, romantic vibe.

9. Blush + Cream + Rosewood

Blush + Cream + Rosewood

Hex Codes: #F8C3CD, #FFFDD0, #B94D3E

Mixing soft blush pink, airy cream, and rosy rosewood creates a delicate shabby chic palette. Use in bedrooms, powder rooms, and cottages.

10. Dusty Rose + Lavender + Seafoam

Dusty Rose + Lavender + Seafoam

Hex Codes: #C6A4A4, #B57EDC, #96DED1

Combine dusky dusty rose with pretty lavender and cool seafoam green for a soft, feminine palette. Use in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces.

11. Salmon + Buttercream + Wisteria

Salmon + Buttercream + Wisteria

Hex Codes: #FF91A4, #FFF1D8, #C9A0DC

Warm salmon complements buttery buttercream and sweet wisteria purple beautifully. This is a dreamy color scheme for shabby chic interiors.

12. Blush + Sky Blue + Celadon

Blush + Sky Blue + Celadon

Hex Codes: #F28CBB, #A5CFE6, #A0DB8E

Pair soft blush with refreshing sky blue and serene celadon green to create a lovely springlike palette. Use in bedrooms, baths, and kids’ rooms.

Purple Red Color Combinations

Vivid reddish purples pair gorgeously with jewel tones, metallics, black, and white. These dramatic palettes are perfect for elegant spaces.

13. Raspberry + Gold + Deep Green

Raspberry + Gold + Deep Green

Hex Codes: #E30B5C, #C78D46, #005005

Jewel-toned raspberry pops against rich gold accents and deep emerald green. Use this combo in luxe dining rooms and living spaces.

14. Ruby + Silver + Navy Blue

Ruby + Silver + Navy Blue

Hex Codes: #E0115F, #C0C0C0, #000080

Pair powerful ruby red with glam silver and classic navy for a regal color scheme. Ideal for formal dining rooms and entryways.

15. Wine + Pewter + Charcoal

Wine + Pewter + Charcoal

Hex Codes: #80013F, #84817A, #3C4142

Deep wine red looks opulent against industrial pewter and heathered charcoal gray. Use in modern living rooms, offices, and lounges.

16. Garnet + Gold + Black

Garnet + Gold + Black

Hex Codes: #771155, #C39953, #000000

Jewel-toned garnet pairs gorgeously with glitzy gold accents and classic black. Use this combo in glamorous spaces.

Blue Red Color Palettes

Vibrant reddish blues complement primary colors, jewel tones, and bright accents beautifully. These fun color schemes are perfect for energetic spaces.

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17. Cerise + Turquoise + Lime Green

Cerise + Turquoise + Lime Green

Hex Codes: #DE3163, #30D5C8, #C7EA46

Vivid cerise looks fantastic with splashy turquoise and zingy lime green. Use this playful combo in kids’ spaces, game rooms, and whimsical decor.

18. Crimson + Aqua + Yellow

Crimson + Aqua + Yellow

Hex Codes: #DC143C, #7FFFD4, #FFFF00

Pair bold crimson red with cool aqua blue and cheery sunshine yellow for bright, youthful energy. Great for modern kitchens and living spaces.

19. Cerulean + Fuchsia + Lime

Cerulean + Fuchsia + Lime

Hex Codes: #086A87, #FD3F92, #BFD200

Cerulean blue complements lively fuchsia and zesty lime green beautifully. Use this fun combo in youthful, eclectic rooms.

20. Ultramarine + Cardinal + Dandelion

Ultramarine + Cardinal + Dandelion

Hex Codes: #1805DB, #C41E3A, #FFDD16

Deep ultramarine blue plus vivid cardinal red and bright dandelion yellow create exciting contrast. Great for tropical rooms or nautical decor.

Neutral Red Color Palettes

Timeless red and black combos create dramatic contrast. Red also pairs beautifully with crisp white and earthy browns for flexible palettes.

21. Black + White + Red

Black + White + Red

Hex Codes: #000000, #FFFFFF, #FF0000

The classic combination of black, white, and bold red is sharp, timeless, and visually striking. Use it to make a tonal statement.

22. Chocolate + Cream + Cherry

Chocolate + Cream + Cherry

Hex Codes: #411900, #FFFDD0, #800000

Rich chocolate brown complements creamy off-white and deep cherry red beautifully. Use in elegant dining rooms and living spaces.

23. Charcoal + Linen + Crimson

Charcoal + Linen + Crimson

Hex Codes: #3C4142, #FFFAF0, #DC143C

Dark heathered charcoal grounds clean linen white while bold crimson red accents pop dramatically. Use in modern spaces.

24. Espresso + Blush + Ruby

Espresso + Blush + Ruby

Hex Codes: #4E342E, #F7CAD5, #9B111E

Deep espresso brown lets soft blush beige and rich ruby red shine as accents. Ideal for transitional living rooms and bedrooms.

Metallic Red Color Schemes

Shimmering metals like gold, copper and silver enrich and accentuate red beautifully. These glam combos are perfect for holidays and special occasions.

25. Gold + Red + Silver

Gold + Red + Silver

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #C41E3A, #C0C0C0

Elegant gold accents, bold true red, and cool metallic silver create festive contrast. Lovely for holiday events and parties.

26. Copper + Cayenne + Pewter

Copper + Cayenne + Pewter

Hex Codes: #B66325, #C11B17, #666666

Warm copper complements spicy cayenne red and sophisticated pewter beautifully in an upscale palette. Use in elegant living spaces.

27. Bronze + Cherry + Gunmetal

Bronze + Cherry + Gunmetal

Hex Codes: #4E3B41, #DF2E38, #2B3856

Dark bronze pops against vibrant cherry red while chic gunmetal gray grounds this glam palette. Perfect for lofts or modern rooms.

28. Rose Gold + Berry + Silver

Rose Gold + Berry + Silver

Hex Codes: #B76E79, #BE4F62, #CCCCCC

Soft rose gold is pretty with berry wine red and sleek cool silver. Use this feminine glam palette in luxe bedrooms and living areas.

29. Rose Gold + Garnet + Gunmetal

Rose Gold + Garnet + Gunmetal

Hex Codes: #B76E79, #75151E, #263238

Feminine rose gold looks refined with jewel-toned garnet red and edgy gunmetal gray. Use in modern living rooms and bedrooms.

30. Antique Gold + Oxblood + Charcoal

Antique Gold + Oxblood + Charcoal

Hex Codes: #C6A670, #800020, #36454F

Vintage antique gold shines against rich oxblood burgundy and deep charcoal gray. Perfect for formal dining spaces.

31. Bronze + Terracotta + Slate

Bronze + Terracotta + Slate

Hex Codes: #CD7F32, #E2725B, #708090

Warm bronze complements earthy terracotta red while slate gray provides contrast. Great for Tuscan style kitchens and living areas.

32. Rose Gold + Crimson + Pewter

Rose Gold + Crimson + Pewter

Hex Codes: #B76E79, #DC143C, #8D8C88

Soft rose gold makes crimson red pop dramatically against a pewter gray backdrop. Use in elegant bedrooms, dining rooms and living spaces.

33. Copper + Cayenne + Gunmetal

Copper + Cayenne + Gunmetal

Hex Codes: #B66325, #C11B17, #2b3856

Sleek copper metal complements spicy cayenne red and strong gunmetal gray. Great for a bold modern kitchen, office or dining space.

34. Brass + Scarlet + Charcoal

Brass + Scarlet + Charcoal

Hex Codes: #B28F2E, #FE000F, #5A5A5A

Polished brass makes a dramatic impact against vivid scarlet red and deep, dark charcoal gray. Use in modern eclectic spaces.

35. Silver + Cardinal + Espresso

Silver + Cardinal + Espresso

Hex Codes: #CCCCCC, #C41E3A, #4E342E

Sleek silver complements bold cardinal red beautifully against an espresso brown backdrop for depth. Ideal for formal dining rooms and entryways.

36. Champagne + Cherry + Chocolate

Champagne + Cherry + Chocolate

Hex Codes: #F1DDCC, #DF294E, #3D1C02

Bubbly champagne makes vibrant cherry red pop against rich chocolate brown. Use in bedrooms, living rooms and dining spaces.

37. Gold + Maroon + Black

Gold + Maroon + Black

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #660066, #000000

Shimmering gold accents add warmth and contrast to deep maroon red and classic black. Perfect for elegant, formal spaces.

38. Copper + Ruby + Taupe

Copper + Ruby + Taupe

Hex Codes: #B66325, #A2142F, #877C7B

Warm copper metallics complement bold ruby red while versatile taupe provides a neutral base. Great for living rooms and bedrooms.

39. Bronze + Wine + Charcoal

Bronze + Wine + Charcoal

Hex Codes: #4E3B41, #80013F, #3C4142

Sultry wine red pops against a moody charcoal and shimmering bronze backdrop. Perfect for dramatic dining rooms and lounges.

40. Pewter + Crimson + Black

Pewter + Crimson + Black

Hex Codes: #919191, #DC143C, #000000

Sleek pewter gray lets sizzling crimson red take center stage, grounded by classic black. Great for modern living spaces.

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41. Silver + Red + Black

Silver + Red + Black

Hex Codes: #C0C0C0, #FF0000, #000000

The classic combination of silver, bold true red, and black creates timeless contrast. Use in any room for drama and visual interest.

42. Gold + Cherry + Brown

Gold + Cherry + Brown

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #9E3623, #7B3F00

Shimmering gold makes a stunning accent alongside rich cherry red and deep chocolate brown. Use in traditional dining rooms and living areas.

43. Rose Gold + Garnet + Charcoal

Rose Gold + Garnet + Charcoal

Hex Codes: #B76E79, #771133, #3C4142

Soft rose gold pairs beautifully with jewel-toned garnet red, grounded by heathered charcoal gray. Ideal for bedrooms and living spaces.

44. Antique Brass + crimson + black

Antique Brass + crimson + black

Hex Codes: #C88A65, #DC143C, #000000

Vintage antique brass warms up bold crimson red against a classic black backdrop. Perfect for traditional, luxe interiors.

45. Bronze + Garnet + Charcoal

Bronze + Garnet + Charcoal

Hex Codes: #4E3B41, #771155, #3C4142

Dark, smoky bronzed brown sets off vivid garnet red, tied together by heathered charcoal gray. Great for cozy, moody living spaces.

46. Gold + Scarlet + Black

Gold + Scarlet + Black

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #FE000F, #000000

Glitzy gold accents enliven fiery scarlet red, dramatized by classic black. Fantastic for holidays and special events.

47. Copper + Carmine + Charcoal

Copper + Carmine + Charcoal

Hex Codes: #B66325, #960018, #3C4142

Warm copper metallics complement vivid carmine red, while deep charcoal gray grounds this glam palette.

48. Silver + Berry + Black

Silver + Berry + Black

Hex Codes: #C0C0C0, #8C001A, #000000

Sleek silver makes berry red pop dramatically against a classic black backdrop. Perfect for modern holiday decor.

49. Gold + Crimson + Brown

Gold + Crimson + Brown

Hex Codes: #D4AF37, #DC143C, #7B3F00

Shimmering gold complements bold crimson red, grounded by deep warm brown. Great for traditional living rooms and libraries.

50. Rose Gold + Red + Charcoal

Rose Gold + Red + Charcoal

Hex Codes: #B76E79, #FF0000, #3C4142

Soft rose gold warms up vibrant true red against a dark charcoal gray backdrop. Use in bedrooms, offices and stylish living spaces.

Design Tips for Decorating With Red

Red is a powerful color that makes a dramatic statement. Here are some tips for beautifully incorporating red into home decor:

  • Use as an accent in small doses like pillows, throws, lamp shades and artwork
  • Paint a red accent wall in a bedroom, office or dining space
  • Upholster a chair or sofa in red velvet or leather
  • Use red rugs or curtains to add visual interest
  • Add red through fresh flowers and plants like roses or poinsettias
  • Incorporate red dishes, appliances or tableware into kitchens
  • Use red sparingly in small bathrooms to avoid overwhelming
  • Decorate kids’ spaces with red in moderation
  • Light red candles for ambience and warmth
  • Add red metals like copper or gold for metallic sparkle

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decorate with red?

Use red in moderation through accents like pillows, artwork and accessories. Red works well on feature walls or with upholstered furniture. Add metallic reds like copper and gold for glamour. Use lighter reds like pinks for a softer look.

What colors go well with red in a living room?

Try using red with neutral colors like gray, beige and brown in living rooms. Earth tones complement red nicely. Add metallics like silver, gold or copper for contrast.

What are good red color schemes?

Classic red color schemes include red, black and white or red, gray and charcoal. Pair red with other primaries like blue and yellow for pop. Try red with pink or purple for romance or red with orange and yellow for energy.

What colors match well with red clothes?

Good colors to pair with red clothes include white, black, navy, pink, blue, gray, camel, beige and brown. Gold, silver and nude metallic shoes also complement red outfits nicely.

What colors should not be paired with red?

Avoid partnering red with other extremely bright, saturated colors like neon hues as it can be garish. Do not pair red with darker or muddy colors like mustard and olive, as they make red appear dull.

Does red and grey go together?

Yes, red and gray are very complementary. Crisp white and dark charcoal gray both help red pop dramatically. Light grays like dove gray also work well with red for softer contrast.

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