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Do Fabric Markers Wash Off?(Complete Guide)

Do Fabric Markers Wash Off

Fabric markers are popular tools for customizing clothing, fabrics, and other textiles. However, a common concern is whether fabric marker ink will wash off in the laundry. The answer depends on several factors.

How Fabric Markers Work

Fabric markers contain quick-drying ink that adheres to fabric fibers. The ink soaks into the spaces between the fibers, which helps it bind to the material.

There are two main types of fabric markers:

Permanent Fabric Markers

As the name suggests, these markers create a permanent imprint on fabric. The ink bonds strongly to fibers and does not wash out easily. Permanent fabric markers contain pigment-based ink that is designed to resist fading and laundering.

Non-Permanent Fabric Markers

These markers can be washed out of fabric. They contain dye-based ink that only adheres lightly to fabric fibers. With laundering, the bonds between dye and fiber break down, allowing the ink to be removed.

Key Factors That Determine If Fabric Marker Ink Will Wash Off

Whether permanent or non-permanent, there are several key factors that determine if fabric marker ink will withstand washing:

Type of Fabric

  • Porous fabrics (cotton, linen) allow ink to soak in deeply, making it harder to wash out.
  • Smooth fabrics (polyester, nylon) make it easier for ink to be removed.

Fabric Marker Ink Formula

  • Permanent inks contain stronger bonding pigments and are specially engineered not to wash out.
  • Non-permanent inks use weaker dye bonding that can be broken with laundering.

Heat Setting

  • Heat setting fabric marker ink with an iron or dryer will make it much harder to wash out, even non-permanent ink. The heat helps the ink better permeate and bind to fibers.

Laundering Conditions

  • Gentle cyclecold water, and mild detergent helps preserve fabric marker ink through washing.
  • Hot waterharsh detergents, and agitation (vigorous wash cycles) will better remove ink.
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Will Permanent Fabric Marker Ink Wash Off?

Permanent fabric marker ink is designed not to wash out of clothing and fabrics. However, no ink bonds perfectly or permanently to fabric. With enough laundering, even permanent ink will fade and potentially disappear over time.

Here are some general guidelines for permanent fabric marker ink:

  • Washing once or twice with a gentle cycle will not remove permanent ink. It should remain bright and unfaded.
  • After 5-10 washes, some subtle fading may begin happening to permanent ink.
  • Only very vigorous, hot water washing with harsh detergent can fully remove permanent fabric marker ink, usually after many washes. The ink will gradually break down and lift out of the fabric.

So in summary, permanent fabric marker ink will not easily wash off with normal laundering. But no ink is truly permanent, and it can be removed with very harsh, repeated washings.

Tips for Making Permanent Fabric Marker Ink More Wash-Resistant

  • Heat set the ink by ironing over the design or running through the dryer. This helps the ink bind to the fibers.
  • Launder gently. Avoid hot water, harsh detergents, and vigorous agitation.
  • Spot clean marked areas instead of fully washing garments. This exposes the ink to less washing overall.
  • Use fabric designed for marking, like canvas sneakers or aprons. The fabric and ink are designed to pair well.

Will Non-Permanent Fabric Marker Ink Wash Off?

Yes, non-permanent fabric marker ink is designed to completely wash out of clothing and fabrics. It uses dye-based ink that only lightly adheres to fibers and breaks down with laundering.

Here are general guidelines for non-permanent ink:

  • With 1-2 gentle washes in cold water, the ink should disappear completely.
  • With a single hot, vigorous wash cycle with detergent, non-permanent ink will usually come out entirely.
  • Set with heat first, the ink may take 2-3 hot washes to fully remove.

So in summary, non-permanent fabric marker ink will completely wash off clothing and fabrics after just a few laundering cycles. The key is to use hot water, detergent, and agitation.

Tips for Making Non-Permanent Fabric Marker Ink Wash Off Easily

  • Avoid heat setting the ink. Do not iron or tumble dry fabrics first.
  • Wash in hot water with a full laundry detergent (not just mild soap).
  • Use a vigorous wash cycle with plenty of agitation.
  • Soak or pre-treat marked areas in detergent solution before washing.
  • Use stain removing chemicals like oxygen bleach to help lift ink.
  • Wash items soon before ink fully sets on the fabric. Fresh ink removes easier.
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Steps for Washing Off Fabric Marker Ink

Steps for Washing Off Fabric Marker Ink

Here is a summary of the recommended steps for washing fabric to remove permanent or non-permanent marker ink:

  1. Check garment care label – Ensure item can be washed before proceeding.
  2. Select hottest water safe for fabric – Hot water helps dissolve and release ink.
  3. Use a laundry detergent – Choose a detergent with stain fighting ingredients. Avoid just soap.
  4. Soak or pretreat stained areas – Concentrated detergent solution helps break ink bonds.
  5. Wash with most vigorous cycle – Agitation helps force ink out of fabric.
  6. Air dry – Heat from dryer can set any remaining traces of ink.
  7. Repeat as needed – Persistent ink may require multiple wash cycles to fully remove.
  8. Use stain removal chemicals – For really stubborn ink, use oxygen bleach or stain remover sprays/sticks after washing.

Special Considerations for Different Fabrics

Certain fabrics require special care when washing out fabric marker ink:


  • Use only cold water washes.
  • Limit agitation to prevent damage.
  • Test ink removability on inconspicuous area first.


  • Select wool-safe detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Limit wash temperature to warm or cool water.
  • Gently hand wash instead of machine wash if needed.


  • Use gentle cycles and cold water.
  • Avoid over-washing which can degrade fabric.
  • Hand wash if needed.

Alternatives to Washing Fabric Markers Out

If you need a fabric marker design to be permanent, or if laundering does not fully remove ink, here are some other options:

  • Spot clean only the marked areas instead of fully washing.
  • Cover with a patch or new design to mask stubborn ink stains.
  • On white fabrics, use a bleach pen to discolor and blend remaining ink.
  • For delicate fabrics, try lightly dabbing stain remover onto ink spots instead of full washing.

As a last resort for persistent ink, markers designed for darker fabrics can be used to go over the old design and cover it fully.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some common questions about washing out fabric marker ink:

Q: Will permanent marker wash out of clothes?

A: Permanent marker ink is very difficult to wash out completely because it is designed to permanently bond to fibers. Fading can occur over time with repeated washing. But some trace of the ink will likely remain visible unless harsh chemicals are used.

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Q: How do you get Sharpie off clothes that have already been washed and dried?

A: Unfortunately, heat setting Sharpie ink with drying makes it much harder to remove. Try soaking the fabric in rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol for 1-2 hours before washing with hot water and detergent. Repeated applications and washes may be needed.

Q: Can you put clothes with fabric marker in the dryer?

A: It’s best to air dry clothing with fabric marker ink to prevent heat setting the ink further. However, tumble drying won’t fully set most non-permanent inks. Just avoid drying permanent ink clothes as the heat can make the ink harder to later remove.

Q: Does vinegar remove fabric marker ink?

A: Vinegar can help remove some fabric ink stains when used in hot laundering. It helps break the ink bonds. But vinegar alone is less effective than detergents. For best results, pretreat with vinegar first, then wash with detergent in hot water.

Q: Can rubbing alcohol remove permanent marker from clothes?

A: Yes, rubbing alcohol can help dissolve and lift permanent ink when applied directly to stains. However, results vary widely based on the fabric and ink type. Lightly dabbing alcohol on ink spots may help remove some stubborn marks after washing.


Whether fabric marker ink will wash off clothing depends on several factors, including ink permanence, fabric type, and laundering conditions.

Non-permanent fabric marker ink is designed to completely wash out with hot water, detergent, and agitation. Permanent ink is engineered to better resist fading, but can be gradually removed with repeated hot, harsh washing.

Check garment care labels before attempting to wash fabric markers out of clothing. Use gentle cycles for delicates and test ink removal on inconspicuous spots before fully washing. With some trial and error, you can fine-tune the washing method to successfully remove fabric marker stains.

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