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Bernina Sewing Machine Prices: How Much Does It Cost? (Complete Guide)

Bernina Sewing Machine Prices

Bernina is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality sewing machines. With over 100 years of experience and innovation, Bernina sewing machines are known for their precision, performance, and versatility.

But with so many different models available, Bernina sewing machine prices can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. So how much does a Bernina sewing machine cost?

In this complete guide, we’ll break down Bernina sewing machine prices by model, features, and collection. We’ll also overview factors that impact the cost like computerization and stitch quality.

Basic Bernina Sewing Machine Prices

Bernina’s most affordable and basic models start at around $400-$800. These introductory machines are manual rather than computerized but still packed with helpful features ideal for beginners.

Here’s an overview of Bernina’s main entry-level sewing machine prices:

Model Price Key Features
Bernina 215 $599 57 stitches, manual threading system, free arm
Bernina 330 $799 38 stitches, automatic 1-step buttonhole, start/stop button
Bernina 1008 $799 57 stitches, automatic thread cutter, easy reverse stitch

As you can see, at this price point, Bernina sewing machines come with built-in stitches, automatic features, and key basics for sewing. The total number of stitches ranges from 38-57 for solid versatility.

Bernina’s mechanical sewing machines are an excellent option for sewing enthusiasts on a budget or who prefer manual operation. They provide premium Bernina quality without the high cost of computerization.

Mid-Range Bernina Sewing Machines ($1,000 – $2,500)

In the $1,000-$2,500 range, Bernina sewing machine prices start to climb as more computerization, connectivity, stitches, and features are added.

Expect computerized models with large LCD screens, hundreds of built-in stitches, specialty feet, embroidery capabilities, and more.

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Here are some of Bernina’s most popular mid-range sewing machine prices:

Model Price Key Features
Bernina 330 $1,199 38 stitches, start/stop button, automatic thread cutter
Bernina 350 PE $1,499 359 stitches, 5.5” LCD screen, embroidery module available
Bernina 480 $1,899 491 stitches, embroidery module, large color LCD display
Bernina 530 $2,199 369 stitches, knee lift, embroidery module available

In this price range, Bernina really starts to open up creativity with hundreds of stitches, display screens, and the option to add embroidery. Connectivity options like USB ports and WiFi are also added.

These moderately priced Bernina machines are ideal for intermediate to advanced sewers who want computerization without breaking the bank. They provide excellent quality and features for most sewing needs.

High-End Bernina Sewing Machines ($2,500+)

Bernina’s highest tier of sewing machines includes their top-of-the-line computerized models loaded with the latest technology. Prices start around $2,500 and can go up to $12,000+ for the premium models.

Here are some examples of Bernina’s high-end sewing machine prices:

Model Price Key Features
Bernina 770 QEE $4,999 1,263 stitches, embroidery module, 9” screen
Bernina 590 $5,499 1,051 stitches, embroidery module, dual feed, 10.1” screen
Bernina 880 Plus $7,499 1,500 stitches, embroidery module, 9″ screen, enhanced audio guides
Bernina 920 $11,999 1,922 stitches, embroidery module, camera for stitch positioning, hands-free foot control

As you can see, Bernina pulls out all the stops with their high-end models. Expect huge stitch libraries, large touch screens, embroidery, stitch technology, and extras like audio guides and cameras.

These cutting edge machines offer nearly endless creative possibilities for sewing, embroidery, crafting, quilting and more. They’re designed for the experienced sewer ready to invest in premium equipment.

Key Factors That Impact Bernina Sewing Machine Prices

Key Factors That Impact Bernina Sewing Machine Prices

Bernina sewing machine prices vary quite a bit across the line. What accounts for those major differences in cost? Here are some of the key factors that impact the price tag:

Computerization and Connectivity

Moving from manual to computerized machines is the first big jump in price. Computerized Berninas feature digital screens, programming, and wireless connectivity that add technology costs. Basic manual models start at around $500-800 while computerized machines are $1,000+.

Number of Stitches

More built-in stitches equal a higher price tag. Simple Berninas start with around 30-50 stitches. High-end models boast stitch libraries in the 1,000+ range. With all those options, you gain versatility but also pay for the technology.

Embroidery Capabilities

Advanced Bernina models offer embroidery functions through attachable modules. Moving into embroidery adds expense, so expect to pay $1,500+ for machines with embroidery capabilities.

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Stitch Quality and Technology

Bernina’s stitch technology offers an incredibly high precision level that surpasses basic machines. Expect to pay more for models that include specialized stitch functions.

Screen Size and Quality

Larger, higher resolution touch screens add functionality but also cost more to produce. Basic models have simple screens or manual operation only. But Bernina’s high-tech machines boast large 9”+ touchscreens with super sharp quality.

Automation and Assistance Features

From automatic thread cutters to hands-free foot pedals, Bernina’s automation provides convenience at a price. Models with multiple automated features and computer assistance cost more than basic operation.

Most Popular Bernina Models by Price Range

To summarize Bernina sewing machine prices, here’s an overview of some of their most popular models at low, medium, and high price points:

Under $1,000

  • Bernina 1008 ($799) – best for beginners
  • Bernina 215 ($599) – basic operation
  • Bernina 330 ($799) – automatic features


  • Bernina 350 PE ($1,499) – embroidery available
  • Bernina 480 ($1,899) – hundreds of stitches
  • Bernina 530 ($2,199) – embroidery capable

Over $3,000

  • Bernina 770 QEE ($4,999) – embroidery, large screen
  • Bernina 880 Plus ($7,499) – 1,500 stitches, premium features
  • Bernina 920 ($11,999) – top-of-line model

As you move up in price, expect more stitches, larger screens, embroidery modules, and computer assistance. Top-tier models boast nearly 2,000 stitches!

Getting the Best Deal on a Bernina Sewing Machine

While MSRP prices give you an idea of cost, you can often find Bernina sewing machines for less. Here are some tips for getting the best price:

  • Check for sales at authorized dealers – dealers may run periodic sales or offer package deals.
  • Consider a sewing machine trade-in – some dealers offer a trade-in discount for turning in your old machine.
  • Ask about refurbished/used inventory – dealers may have open box or refurbished deals for 15-25% off MSRP.
  • Join rewards programs – signing up for dealer loyalty programs can unlock discounts.
  • Avoid pressure – don’t feel pressured by sales tactics at sewing stores and negotiate respectfully.
  • Compare prices online – check deals from multiple authorized online dealers to price compare.

With some smart shopping, you can potentially get a $500-$1,000+ discount on a new Bernina machine. Taking advantage of deals and sales can make these premium machines more affordable.

Bernina Sewing Machine Prices: Final Thoughts

When it comes to Bernina sewing machines, you certainly get what you pay for. While the pricing reflects the incredibly high precision, quality, and features, there are models available at budget-friendly prices too.

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Focus on choosing a Bernina at the technology level you need. Beginners and casual sewers may only require basic operation, while experts will benefit from cutting edge features.

Bernina machines are investments built to last decades and hold their value over time. With proper care and maintenance, your Bernina can become a lifetime sewing companion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FQA)

1. How much do entry level Bernina sewing machines cost?

Entry level Bernina sewing machines start around $400-$800. At this price point, expect manual operation rather than computerization but very high stitch quality and Bernina precision. Popular starter models are the Bernina 215, Bernina 330, and Bernina 1008.

2. What features impact the price of Bernina sewing machines?

Key features that increase Bernina sewing machine prices include computerization, built-in stitches, embroidery capabilities, screen size/quality, and automation features. High-end computerized models have significantly higher prices than basic mechanical ones.

3. Which mid-priced Bernina model offers the best value?

The Bernina 350 PE is arguably the best value Bernina sewing machine in the $1,000-$2,000 range. For around $1,500, it includes hundreds of stitches, a large LCD screen, the ability to add embroidery, and excellent stitch quality. It provides features to satisfy most sewers without the ultra premium pricing.

4. Should I buy a used or refurbished Bernina to save money?

Buying refurbished and used are great ways to save money on premium Bernina sewing machines. Make sure to purchase through an authorized dealer to get all manuals/parts and verify the machine has been properly serviced. Be sure to test it thoroughly as well.

5. Where can I find the best Bernina sewing machine prices and deals?

Check authorized Bernina dealers for periodic sales, trade-in offers, and refurbished deals. You can save hundreds off MSRP prices. Make sure to compare prices online from multiple dealers too. Signing up for rewards programs can also lead to discounts.

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