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19 Best Clothing Stores in Brooklyn (2023 Updated)

19 Best Clothing Stores in Brooklyn

Being a Brooklyn resident goes hand in hand with being fashionable. Brooklynites are known for their impeccable and trendy fashion choices, and if you are new at this and want to dress like a true Brooklynite, you will need some help.

Fret not! Our list of 19 best clothing stores in Brooklyn is here for you. Let’s go shopping!

1. The Attic Brooklyn, NY

Located on Grand St., The Attic Brooklyn, NY is a clothing store with a modern-vintage twist on fashion. They have a wide variety of articles, including men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

The Attic Brooklyn takes pride in being a sustainable clothing store and part of the solution against pollution. The store’s overall layout is chic and modern, and the clothes are affordable.

Address: 231 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211

2. Everlane

Everlane is a clothing store based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. It is a modern clothing store with a minimalistic layout that complements the overall style of the brand. Everlane is what you would call true Brooklyn fashion.

The store sells shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, coats, and dresses for every season, all with a minimal and unique look. The ambiance and overall theme of the store make it look like a luxury clothing brand, but it’s surprisingly affordable. This one makes for a perfect stop if you’re looking for an everyday clothing brand providing a balance between style and affordability.

Address: 04 N 6th St Brooklyn, NY 11249

3. What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around is a store as unique as its name. It’s a vintage designer apparel and accessories brand with an extremely rare variety of brands and clothes. The store is a shopping spot for many celebs, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts, but regular/everyday people love it as much as everyone.

Apart from displaying high-end designer brands of clothes and accessories, such as Chanel and Dior, the store also has a line of original items. These articles range in variety and can be expensive or affordable depending upon what you purchase. All in all, the store has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Address: Between Broome Street and Grand Street, 351 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013.

4. Free People

Probably one of the few stores selling bohemian-inspired clothing in the district, Free People is a unique and exquisite apparel store in Brooklyn. Their clothes are of high quality, and their prices are low. Their customer service and floor staff have been reviewed as “extremely welcoming.”

One of the best features of Free People is the Love Shop, a place where you can easily find the perfect gift for your significant other, that too, at genuinely discounted rates.

If you are planning on saving and shopping on a budget, give Free People a visit. There’s a sales section and an Under $25.00 section as well.

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Address: 113 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

5. Min-K

Park Slope Brooklyn is a place where a lot of trendy boutiques and clothing stores are situated. One of the best ones here include Min-K, a boutique for women. Min-K is the in-house label of designer Min J Kim. She sells a distinct variety of clothes of her own brand and also brands hard-to-find South Korean designers.

At Min-K, you can find dresses, tops, bottoms, and much more. Through virtual-style appointments, you can meet the designer and discuss the clothing from home. However, if you want to visit the boutique, you have that option too! You will also find attentive and welcoming staff at the store and would fall in love with the digital prints there.

Address: 360 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

6. Blue in Green

Blue in Green


If you are looking for a new and refreshing experience, Blue in Green is the place to go. It’s a clothing store for men that sells exclusively Japanese brands and custom-made denim jeans. This is the store where you can find Asian street-style clothing that is becoming popular nowadays.

The clothes in Blue and Green are stylish, unique, of high quality and are priced accordingly, usually ranging from $100 to $700. Customer service in Blue in Green is extraordinary. When you go in, you can expect the staff to know everything about the clothes they are selling and they can assist you in the best way possible.

Address: 8 Greene St, New York, NY 10013.

7. 10 ft Single by Stella Dallas

10 ft Single by Stella Dallas, otherwise known as Single, is a modest clothing store with a sizable assortment of clothes and shoes (and more) for men and women. And by “sizable assortment,” we mean that the store is small but is crammed with clothes and shoes of vintage Americana fashion. In fact, you can also find military clothes here from the 20s through the 90s.

The prices in this store are reasonable, and the crowded store aesthetics are brilliant. It’s one of the most well-known stores in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is definitely worth a visit.

Address: 285 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

8. Aimé Leon Dore

Aime Leon Dore is a minimalist and sophisticated clothing store for men, offering elegant clothing for everyday wear in an even more elegant interior. The best thing about Aime Leon Dore is the coffee shop attached to the store, which gives just the vibe we need during our shopping. Imagine the coffee aroma while you are browsing for jackets!

Apart from their unique, chic variety and the coffee shop, the sales staff there is also extremely helpful and welcoming, making Aime Leon Dore a perfect candidate for an ideal clothing store in Brooklyn.

Address: 214 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012

9. Fig

For men in search of a high-end and luxurious shopping experience, Fig is another popular option. It’s located at Park Slope, Brooklyn and is basically a men’s section of a large store called Kiwi and Fig. While the Kiwi section is for women, Fig is designated for men’s shopping experience.

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It is a boutique where international designers design contemporary and modern-styled clothes for men. They sell everything from suits to pajamas and stationary to casual.

The best thing about Fig is its male body shop, where you can find male accessories, such as shaving creams, razors, etc. Combine that with affordability and excellent customer service; you get the best high-end for-men store in Brooklyn.

Address: 121 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

10. Article&



Quality clothing for women? Check. Ethnically curated wardrobe? Check. Well-reviewed customer service? Check. Affordable prices? Check.

Apart from offering some fine clothes for women, Article& also provides a brilliant street style for women with their shoe collection. They also conduct clearance sales at the end of every season, which means you can find items at low prices if you visit the store at the right time.

Address: 198 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY 11201.

11.Monk Vintage

If you are in search of funky vintage wear, find Monk Vintage in Brooklyn’s clothing store-ridden Williamsburg neighborhood. Monk Vintage is a thrift store crowded with a wide variety of used clothes, shoes, and accessories available in colorful and unique designs that can help you stand out from the crowd. Additionally, the staff at the store is also extremely helpful, which contributes to an overall fantastic shopping experience.

Since it’s mainly thrift, some items can be a bit flawed and used, but with the prices you can get them at, this slight risk is entirely worth it!

Address: 500 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

12. L Train Vintage

Searching for a trendy and sustainable way to create an outfit in Brooklyn? Get to L Train ASAP! L Train Vintage is a high-quality second-hand clothing store that makes everyone turn heads. Every time you go into this store; you are guaranteed to find new items. Not only that, but since it’s a preloved clothing store, the prices are also quite low.

Address: 204 1st Ave., New York, NY 10009

13. Primark

Primark is an international clothing store with a relatively large space and a wide inexpensive variety. It’s a great place for anyone (of all ages and genders) looking to buy quality clothing at cheap rates.

It’s a one-stop shop; they sell everything including clothes, baby supplies, shoes, beauty products, and jewelry.

Address: 5100 Kings Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11234.

14. INA

INA is a luxury consignment shop in Brooklyn that offers second-hand designer clothes, shoes, accessories, and more for men and women. It has been operating since 1993 and has gathered a fair share of popularity as a qualified clothing store.

INA is known for its high-quality items and low-priced luxury clothes. Moreover, people can also sell their expensive clothes and accessories at INA. All in all, INA makes for a bright and inexpensive shopping experience for Brooklynites.

Address: 21 Prince St, New York, NY 10012.

15. Alter

In business since 2007, Alter’s Brooklyn branch was its first one ever. Alter offers subtle and casual clothing items as well as flashy and outstanding outfits. They have a wide variety of designer clothes for men and women.

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Apart from clothes, you can also find perfumes and shoes at Alter. They also offer homeware collections in their exquisite store, including incense, rugs, and whatnot. It’s a one-stop shop that defines the true essence of fashion and home style in Brooklyn.

Address: 140 Franklin St., Brooklyn, NY 11222.

16. Front General Store

Front General Store in Brooklyn is a retro clothing store that sells men’s and women’s wardrobe collections, shoes, accessories, as well as some hardware and dry goods. Their products are well-curated and accommodate everyone with their affordable price range.

Some items that you might find too cute to ignore in Front General Store are hats, postcards, bags, and pots. The overall place is cozy and the friendly staff makes for a really good shopping experience.

Address: 143 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

17. M.A.E

M.A.E is a vintage consignment clothing store in Brooklyn with curators that have over seventy years of combined experience in the clothing industry. You can find items here from the 50s to the 90s. That said, the knowledge of the staff about contemporary and modern trends is impeccable.

You can sell your vintage branded stuff here with ease and get discounts on items that catch your eye.

Address: 362 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

18. Flying Solo

If you are looking for something different, creative, innovative, and artistic, Flying Solo is the place you should go to. Flying Solo is a large, high-end fashion store owned and operated by local designers.

Someone who has worked with Flying Solo commented that the store has “one-of-a-kind” pieces and independent designers operating the store get “very high press attendance on their shows.” It’s a must-try for everyone who wants to be a little different from the everyday crowd and walk in style.

Address: 420 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

19.Sincerely, Tommy

Sincerely, Tommy


If you want to visit a shopping spot that is also a great place to relax – visit Sincerely, Tommy. It’s a Brooklyn-based store for women that is also a coffee shop. The store’s variety features a mix of eclectic brands as well as the works of some up-and-coming designers.

You can find creatively-curated designer clothes at Sincerely, Tommy at relatively affordable rates, and if you think you’ve browsed too much, take a break at the coffee bar and have a snack.

Address: Location: 343 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216.


So, now you know the 19 best places in Brooklyn to have a perfect, pocket-friendly, trendy, and affordable shopping experience. From Primark to Fig and L Train Vintage to Everlane, every store provides a true essence of how a Brooklynite dresses up and offers something great and different at the same time. Happy shopping!

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