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18 Best Cheap Fabric Online Stores in 2023

18 Best Cheap Fabric Online Stores in 2023

Fabric shopping can be an exciting but expensive endeavor. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to overspend on high-end fabrics at local craft and fabric stores. However, there are many great online fabric stores that offer designer fabrics at discounted prices.

We researched over 50 online fabric shops to find the best cheap fabric websites for your next project. Whether you’re looking for quilting cottons, knit fabrics, home decor fabrics, or apparel fabrics, these stores have great deals on quality materials. We evaluated stores based on price, selection, shipping costs, return policies, and customer reviews.

Below are the 18 best cheap online fabric stores we recommend checking out in 2023:

1. is one of the most popular online fabric stores with a massive selection of apparel, quilting, and home decor fabrics. They frequently run sales and discounts, so you can often find designer-quality fabrics for as low as $2-3/yard. They also offer free shipping on orders over $35.

Key Details:

  • Huge selection of fabrics from 120+ brands
  • Apparel, quilting, and home decor fabrics
  • Designer fabrics for $2-3/yard during sales
  • $35 free shipping threshold

2. Joann Fabrics

The online store of the craft superstore, Joann, has a wide selection of affordable cotton prints, fleece, flannels, knits, and quilt fabrics. They run weekly sales and coupons to help you save even more. Shipping is free on $65+ orders.

Key Details:

  • Low prices on cottons, fleece, flannel, knits, quilting fabrics
  • Weekly sales and coupons for extra savings
  • Free shipping over $65

3. Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby’s online fabric shop features some of the lowest base prices we’ve seen. Their everyday low prices beat most other retailer’s sale prices. They also frequently run 40-50% off sales to help you stock up. Free shipping on $49+.

Key Details:

  • Very low base prices on apparel and quilting fabrics
  • Frequent 40-50% off sales
  • Free shipping over $49

4. Fabric Wholesale Direct

Fabric Wholesale Direct offers designer apparel fabrics for wholesale prices. They specialize in modern knits, cotton voiles, lace, gauze, flannel, fleece, and more. Expect savings up to 80% off comparable retail prices. Bulk discounts available.

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Key Details:

  • Savings up to 80% off retail prices on apparel fabrics
  • Specializes in modern knits, voiles, lace, flannel, fleece
  • Bulk discounts when buying 10+ yards

5. features tons of quilting cottons, fleece, flannels, laminates and more at discounted prices. Frequent sales and coupon codes offer additional savings on already low prices.

Key Details:

  • Quilting cottons, fleece, flannels, laminates
  • Regular sales and coupon codes
  • $50 free shipping threshold

6. Outlet

The Outlet offers designer discount fabrics that are discounted for being overstock or clearance items. You can find high-end apparel and quilting fabrics for up to 75% off retail prices. New items are added frequently.

Key Details:

  • Discounted designer apparel and quilting fabrics
  • Savings up to 75% off retail prices
  • Frequent new arrivals

7. Walmart Fabrics

Walmart has a surprisingly good online selection of affordable apparel and quilting fabrics. They offer free 2-day shipping on orders over $35 with no membership required. Frequent sales and rollbacks help you save even more.

Key Details:

  • Low prices on apparel and quilting fabrics
  • Free 2-day shipping on $35+
  • Frequent sales and rollbacks

8. eBay Fabrics

eBay is home to hundreds of fabric shops offering discounted designer fabrics. Sort by low cost shipping or price + shipping lowest first to find the best deals. Pay attention to seller reviews.

Key Details:

  • Sort by low cost shipping or total price + shipping
  • Look for highly rated sellers
  • Designer fabrics at discounted prices

9. Marshalls Online

Marshall’s stocks apparel fabrics like silks, wool blends, linen, and designer cotton prints for up to 60% off department store prices. Their selection changes frequently as they get new overstock items.

Key Details:

  • Savings up to 60% off department store prices
  • Frequently updated overstock selection
  • Primarily apparel fabrics

10. Hancocks of Paducah

Hancocks of Paducah is loved by quilters for quality fabrics at reasonable prices. Shop their sales to get 30-60% off quilting cottons, flannels, and kits. Free shipping over $100.

Key Details:

  • Quilting cottons, flannels, kits
  • 30-60% off sales
  • $100 free shipping threshold

11. Calico Corners

Calico Corners sells decorator and quilting fabrics at 20-50% off comparable retail pricing. They also frequently run extra 40-50% off sales. Free shipping on orders over $75.

Key Details:

  • Home decor and quilting fabrics
  • 20-50% off retail prices
  • Extra 40-50% off frequent sales
  • $75 free shipping minimum

12. Dharma Trading Co.

Dharma Trading Co. specializes in high-quality fabrics and dyes for fiber artists at wholesale pricing. Expect savings up to 75% off traditional retail prices. They have a $5 flat rate shipping fee and free returns.

Key Details:

  • Wholesale prices up to 75% off retail
  • For fiber artists – fabrics, dyes, textile paints
  • $5 flat rate shipping
  • Free returns
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13. Mood Fabrics

The online outlet of Mood Fabrics, named Mood Sewciety, sells designer fashion fabrics at drastically reduced prices. Find savings up to 75% off. New fabrics are added weekly.

Key Details:

  • Savings up to 75% off designer fashion fabrics
  • New items added weekly
  • Primarily apparel fabrics

14. focuses on high-quality linen, linen blends, and cotton fabrics for apparel and home goods at wholesale pricing. They offer discounts when you buy 10+ yards of fabric.

Key Details:

  • Wholesale prices on linen, linen blends, cotton
  • Bulk discounts at 10+ yards
  • Free shipping over $99

15. Denver Fabrics

Denver Fabrics sells designer samples, overstock, and discounted apparel fabrics. Save 10-90% off comparable retail pricing. $8 flat rate shipping.

Key Details:

  • Discounted designer samples and overstock
  • 10-90% off retail prices
  • Primarily apparel fabrics
  • $8 flat rate shipping

16. Fabric Mart Fabrics

Fabric Mart Fabrics offers discounted silk, wool, linen, cottons, and more for apparel sewing and quilting. Designer fabrics are up to 75% off retail prices. New items daily.

Key Details:

  • Discounted designer apparel and quilting fabrics
  • Savings up to 75% off retail
  • New arrivals daily
  • $7.95 flat rate shipping

17. Fishman’s Fabrics

Fishman’s Fabrics stocks designer sample fabrics and discontinued prints for up to 90% off original prices. They get daily arrivals of new fabrics.

Key Details:

  • Designer samples and discontinued prints
  • Up to 90% off original prices
  • Daily arrivals
  • $7.95 shipping over $99

18. Emma One Sock

Emma One Sock sells discounted designer fabrics, trims, and sewing patterns with savings up to 85% off MSRP. Great for casual and trendy apparel fabrics.

Key Details:

  • Designer fabrics, trims, and patterns
  • Savings up to 85% off MSRP
  • Trendy, casual apparel fabrics
  • $5 flat rate shipping

Now that you know where to find affordable, high-quality fabrics online, you can start your next sewing or craft project on a budget. Refer back to this list when you are looking to stock up on fabric staples or want inspiration for your latest DIY. Happy sewing!

Comparison of the Best Cheap Online Fabric Stores

Comparison of the Best Cheap Online Fabric Stores

Store Shipping Threshold Types of Fabrics Avg. Discount % Other Perks $35+ Apparel, quilting, home decor 40-60% off Sales up to 75% off
Joann $65+ Cottons, knits, quilting 20-50% off Weekly coupons
Hobby Lobby $49+ Apparel, quilting 40-60% off Frequent 40-50% off sales
Fabric Wholesale Direct Free over $99 Knits, voiles, fleece, flannel Up to 80% off Bulk discounts $50+ Cottons, fleece, flannel, laminates 30-60% off Sales and coupon codes Outlet $35+ Apparel, quilting Up to 75% off Overstock/clearance
Walmart $35+ Apparel, quilting 20-50% off Free 2-day shipping, sales
eBay Varies All types Up to 75% off Sort by price/shipping
Marshalls Free over $89 Silks, wool, designer cotton Up to 60% off Frequent new arrivals
Hancocks of Paducah $100+ Quilting fabrics 30-60% off Sales up to 75% off
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With so many great online fabric stores offering discounts and deals, sewing and crafting on a budget is achievable. Stores like, Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and Fabric Wholesale Direct make designer-quality fabrics affordable. Comparison shop between these online stores to find the best prices on apparel fabrics, quilting cottons, knits, wool, linen, silk, fleece, flannels, and more. Sales, coupons and free shipping offers help maximize your savings. Check back frequently as these online fabric shops add new items almost daily. With a bit of deal hunting, you can stock up on beautiful fabrics without breaking the bank. Happy sewing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cheapest place to buy fabric online?

A: Some of the cheapest places to buy fabric online include Hobby Lobby, Walmart Fabrics, Fabric Wholesale Direct,, Outlet, and eBay. These stores offer low base prices, frequent sales, coupons, and discounted overstock/wholesale pricing.

Q: Where can I find cheap designer fabrics?

A: The best places to find cheap designer fabrics are, Outlet, Mood Fabrics Sewciety, Marshalls, eBay, Denver Fabrics, Fabric Mart Fabrics, and Fishman’s Fabrics. These stores sell designer overstock, samples, discontinued prints and clearance apparel fabrics at heavily discounted prices.

Q: What website has the cheapest fabric?

A: Hobby Lobby consistently has some of the lowest base fabric prices online before sales or coupons are applied. Their everyday low prices typically beat out other retailer’s regular prices. Fabric Wholesale Direct and also have very competitively priced apparel and quilting fabrics.

Q: Where can I buy fabric for cheap clothes? 

A: The best places to buy discounted fabric for sewing clothes include, Fabric Wholesale Direct, Mood Sewciety, Marshalls, eBay, Denver Fabrics, Fabric Mart Fabrics, Fishman’s Fabrics, and Emma One Sock. These stores specialize in apparel and fashion fabrics like modern knits, cotton voiles, silks, wool blends, and designer cotton prints marked down up to 90% off.

Q: What is the best quality fabric for the lowest price?

A: Quilter’s cotton from, Joann Fabrics, Hancock’s of Paducah, and Missouri Star Quilt Co. is high quality yet very affordable. For apparel fabrics, Fabric Mart Fabrics, Denver Fabrics, Mood Sewciety, and Emma One Sock have designer quality fabrics discounted up to 90% off retail pricing.

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