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Levis 511 vs 512 Jeans: Differences Between Them

Levis 511 vs 512 Jeans

Levis is one of the most popular and iconic denim brands in the world. They offer a wide variety of jean fits and washes to suit different body types and styles. Two of their most popular men’s jean fits are the Levis 511 and 512. But what exactly sets these two fits apart? In this comprehensive guide, we will compare the Levis 511 vs 512 jeans to highlight the key differences in terms of fit, style, sizing and more.

Key Differences Between Levis 511 and 512 Jeans

Here is a quick overview of the major differences between Levis 511 and 512 jeans:

  • Fit: 511 is slim fit while 512 is slim straight fit
  • Leg Opening: 511 has narrower leg opening than 512
  • Rise: 511 has low rise while 512 has mid rise
  • Seat: 511 has less room in seat and thigh while 512 has more room
  • Leg: 511 has tapered leg while 512 has straight leg
  • Sizing: 511 runs small while 512 runs true to size

Now let’s look at each of these key differences in more detail:


The most noticeable difference between Levis 511 and 512 is the fit.

  • Levis 511 has a slim and skinny fit through the seat, thigh and leg. It sits below the waist and conforms tightly to the body.
  • Levis 512 has a slim straight fit with room in the seat and thigh but a narrow leg opening. It sits below the waist with a straight cut through the leg.

So in summary, the 511 has a skinnier silhouette while the 512 is slim with a bit more room while still maintaining a narrow leg opening.

Leg Opening

Due to its tapered leg, the Levis 511 has a narrow leg opening that keeps getting narrower from the knee to the hem. This creates a very fitted look.

The Levis 512 has a straight leg so there is no taper. But it still maintains a relatively narrow leg opening for a slim, streamlined look. However, the leg opening is wider than that of the 511.


The rise refers to the distance between the crotch and waistband of the jeans.

  • Levis 511 jeans have a low rise that sits below the natural waistline. This creates a modern, trendy look.
  • Levis 512 jeans have a mid rise that sits at the natural waistline. This creates a more classic and versatile look.

So the 511 has a lower rise best suited for low cut tops while the 512 has a medium rise that can be worn with tucked or untucked tops.

Seat and Thigh

Since the Levis 511 has a skinny fit, it is more fitted through the seat and thigh area. There is less room in the seat and thigh compared to the 512.

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The Levis 512 provides more room and space in the seat and thigh due to its straight fit. However, it is still more fitted than a regular straight cut jean.

So if you have thicker thighs and seat, the 512 will be more comfortable while the 511 works better for guys with thinner legs.


The Levis 511 has a tapered leg that gets narrower from the knee down to the leg opening. This contours the jeans to the leg and creates a skinny, fitted look.

The Levis 512 has a straight leg without any taper. So the leg opening remains the same width from the thigh all the way to the hem. This creates a straight, streamlined look versus a tapered silhouette.


  • The Levis 511 generally runs small due to its skinny fit. It’s recommended to size up for a more comfortable slim fit through the seat and thigh.
  • The Levis 512 runs true to size as per most customer reviews. But those with athletic thighs may prefer sizing up for more room through the legs.

So the 512 fits closer to its marked size while the 511 stretches less and runs smaller than its marked size.

Comparing Details of the 511 and 512

Now that we have compared the fit and sizing, let’s look at some other details and features of the Levis 511 vs 512:

Detail Levis 511 Levis 512
Rise Low rise below waist Mid rise at waist
Front Rise 9.5 inches 10.5 inches
Back Rise 13.5 inches 14.5 inches
Thigh Slim, less room Straight, more room
Leg Tapered Straight
Leg Opening 14.5 inches 16 inches
Fabric Stretch denim Stretch denim
Zipper Brass Brass
Pockets 5 pocket styling 5 pocket styling
Belt Loops Yes Yes

A few key things to note from this comparison:

  • The 512 has higher rise both front and back by about an inch compared to the 511.
  • The leg opening is narrower on the 511 by 1.5 inches due to the tapered leg.
  • Both styles are made from comfortable stretch denim fabric.
  • The classic 5 pocket styling and brass zipper is consistent in both fits.

Reviewing the Wash and Color Options

Reviewing the Wash and Color Options

Levis offers the 511 and 512 fits in a wide array of finishes and shades. Let’s look at some of the most popular color and wash options available:

Levis 511 Colors

  • Rigid Dragon: Dark rinse indigo shade
  • Rinsed Playa: Medium blue wash
  • Tate: Light vintage blue shade
  • Hyperfade: Faded light blue wash
  • Clean Dark: Dark indigo wash
  • Black Stretch: Solid black shade
  • Go Clean: Light vintage wash
  • Hilltop: Medium stone wash

Levis 512 Colors

  • Rigid Dragon: Dark rinse indigo
  • Stone: Light vintage medium blue
  • Tumbled Rigid: Dark indigo rinse with fading
  • Clean Harbor: Classic medium blue wash
  • Go Clean: Vintage light blue shade
  • Black Stretch: Solid black denim
  • Hilltop: Medium stone wash
  • Moonshine: Very light faded blue wash

As you can see, most of the popular wash options are available in both 511 and 512 fits. This includes versatile shades like rigid dragon, black, medium blue washes and vintage light hues.

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However, the 512 does have some exclusive lighter stone and faded washes like Moonshine and Hilltop. While the 511 has some dark rinse options like Clean Dark.

Comparing Prices of the 511 and 512

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is similar for both Levis 511 and 512 jeans. The MSRP is typically $59.50 to $69.50 depending on the specific wash.

However, you can generally find both styles on sale for $30 to $60 at most major online and retail stores. Here are some examples of current pricing:

  • Levis 511 Rigid Dragon: $41.70 on Amazon
  • Levis 512 Black Stretch: $58.00 at Macy’s
  • Levis 511 Hyperfade: $39.99 at Levi’s online store
  • Levis 512 Go Clean: $49.99 at Kohl’s

So in terms of pricing, there isn’t a significant difference between the two fits. The specific color and wash will determine the price rather than just the fit style itself.

Both the 511 and 512 offer great value for money considering their quality construction and durability. And you can find sale prices that make them even more budget-friendly.

How the 511 and 512 Fits Compare for Different Body Types

Due to their differing fits and silhouettes, the Levis 511 and 512 will suit different body types. Here is a brief comparison:

  • For a slim and athletic physique, the Levis 511 provides a tailored look that flatters the figure. The tapered leg and narrow leg opening streamlines the legs.
  • For an average or stocky build, the Levis 512 flatters the body shape thanks to the straight leg and more room through the seat and thigh. The leg opening slims the silhouette without being too tight.
  • For shorter men, the Levis 512 works better as the mid-rise helps lengthen the legs compared to the low rise 511.
  • For guys with athletic thighs, the Levis 512 provides more comfortable room while still maintaining a slim silhouette.
  • For a long and lean frame, the Levis 511 creates a coordinated and streamlined look from top to bottom.

So in summary, the 511 flatters slimmer guys while the 512 suits bigger builds best. Consider your individual physique and style needs when deciding between the two.

How to Find the Right Size in 511 vs 512 Fits

Finding your optimal size is important to get the intended silhouette and comfort in both the Levis 511 and 512 fits. Here are some top tips for getting the sizing right:

For Levis 511:

  • Try both your normal waist size and one size up – the 511 runs small.
  • Prioritize comfort through the hips and thighs over a too-tight fit.
  • Sit and move around to ensure no pulling at the thighs or restriction of movement.
  • The ideal fit should be snug but not uncomfortably tight and allow full mobility.
  • Cuffing the leg opening slightly can provide a bit more room if needed.

For Levis 512:

  • Start with your normal waist size as the 512 runs truer to size.
  • Size up if you have thicker thighs or prefer a roomier fit through the legs.
  • The waist should sit comfortably at your natural waistline.
  • Check there are no gaps at the back of the waistband when sitting.
  • The leg opening should be narrow but not constricting around the calves.
  • Allowing a slight break at the ankles provides a flattering silhouette.
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Getting the right measurements is key to finding your optimal size and great fit in both these popular Levis styles. Don’t hesitate to try different sizes for the most comfortable, tailored look.

Frequently Asked Questions about Levis 511 vs 512

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about Levis 511 and 512 jeans:

Q: Which Levis fit has bigger thighs, 511 or 512?

A: The Levis 512 fit has more room in the thigh as it has a straight fit while the 511 has a slimmer, tapered fit.

Q: Are Levis 511 jeans skinny?

A: Yes, the Levis 511 fit is designed to be skinny and tapered from thigh to leg opening for a tight fit.

Q: What is the difference between Levis 511 and 513?

A: The Levis 513 has a slim straight fit like the 512 but with a lower rise similar to the 511. The 513 is a blend of both fits.

Q: What body type looks best in Levis 511 jeans?

A: The Levis 511 flatters those with slim, athletic builds the most. The tapered cut streamlines a lean figure.

Q: What body type looks best in Levis 512 jeans?

A: The Levis 512 flatters those with bigger builds and athletic thighs due to its roomier cut. It adds shape without being too baggy.

Q: Which Levis fit has bigger leg opening, 511 or 512?

A: The Levis 512 has a leg opening of around 16 inches, which is wider than the tapered 14.5 inch leg opening of the Levis 511.

Q: Can I roll or cuff the hem on Levis 511 jeans?

A: Yes, you can cuff the leg opening of Levis 511 jeans to make it slightly wider if desired. Just avoid excessive rolling which may look sloppy.

Q: Are Levis 512 jeans loose fit?

A: No, the Levis 512 has a slim straight fit that is still quite fitted in the thighs. It provides more room than the 511 but is not considered a loose fit.

Q: What jeans are similar to Levis 511?

A: Other jeans with similar skinny tapered fits include Hollister Epic Skinny, American Eagle Extreme Flex Skinny, and Topman Stretch Skinny jeans.

I hope this guide has helped highlight the main differences between the Levis 511 and 512 fits! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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